Sites Like Rabbit | 15 Best Rabbit Streaming Alternatives

Sites Like Rabbit | 15 Best Rabbit Streaming Alternatives went out of business in May 2019, which was a sad time. The platform fell bankrupt, and its rights were sold to another company. When went offline, people who had grown accustomed to the service had to find new ways to use it. Rabbit alternatives, on the other hand, continue’s legacy.

Now, each devoted user can devise a suitable ‘watch together’ solution, complete with a variety of extra benefits, and unite with individuals they love and care about. In case you did not know, the platform was created to allow families and friends to have the same video experience regardless of distance. was prized because of:

  • Real-time content streaming
  • Up to 25 people can participate in group conversations.
  • A modern platform that is both free and simple to use.

However, we are excited to alert you to all of the dependable and trustworthy streaming providers which are great alternatives to rabbit. We will emphasise the benefits and drawbacks so that you have a complete picture before making your final selection! Let us take a look at the rabbit streaming alternatives.

1. Invited


A rabbit alternative, invited lets you watch movies and tv shows with friends and family through virtual browsers. It also allows for remote control sharing. While the software is free, you can also subscribe as subscribers get access to special perks. For example, they can watch shows for more than three hours. The cost is around $5 a month or $50 yearly. 

2. Tutturu


Another great rabbit watch together alternative, Tutturu allows you to quickly and easily create public and private chat rooms, as well as share content with people who have been invited. Tutturu is completely free, however there is a premium subscription option for individuals who wish to access other perks.

3. Metastream


Among all the Rabbit alternatives, Metastream is by far the most popular. It offers a quick account creation process as well as a free subscription. It provides continuous and uninterrupted playback, just like Rabbit, making it among the top rabbit streaming alternatives.

4. Syncvideo


Sync Video is among rabbit alternatives that lets you share YouTube videos with your friends and family and view them in real time for free. It will let you to establish a room without having to register, just like many other apps like Rabbit.

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5. Gaze


Gaze is a platform for two people. Gaze is among great alternatives to Rabbit that allows you to stream videos in real-time if you are in a long-distance relationship and want to make it feel like you are enjoying a romantic movie night.


Website: is a good rabbit watch together alternative with a popular chat function that includes emoticons. However, unlike Rabbit, its registration process may appear to be a little more difficult as the room is known to crash at certain times. 

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7. Netflix Party

Download Link: Netflix Party

With Netflix party, you can watch movies and tv shows together with your friends.. It is far more configurable than Rabbit. In the conversation, each teleparty participant can be granted a fun icon and moniker. Gifs, emoticons, and screenshots can all be shared as well. Thus, it is among the top Rabbit streaming alternatives. The pricing varies and comes in different packages.  

8. Kosmi


Among the top alternatives to rabbit with the hangouts feature, Kosmi is a worthy rabbit substitute. You can watch your favourite videos together, just like Rabbit, but you can also play games and chat while doing so. A webcam is also available.

9. Watch2gether


Also among the top alternatives to rabbit, Watch2Gether allows you to purchase online in real time with your pals. It also enables video streaming, same like the other Rabbit alternatives. It differs from Rabbit in that it has an interactive chat feature with GIFs, making it a worthy rabbit alternative.  

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10. StreamParty


One of the best rabbit alternatives, Streamparty allows you to watch videos with your friends. You can use StreamParty for free, or upgrade to the Premium version for $5 per month and get unlimited time for private parties, or the Business version for $6 per month and use it commercially, making it among the top rabbit streaming alternatives.

11. Rave


Also considered to be one of the best rabbit alternatives, Rave is a video streaming platform that works with both iOS and Android devices. While many services, focus on PC access, Rave lets you stream and share your favourite media material from your smartphone.

12. Twoseven


Considered to be among the top rabbit streaming alternatives, Twoseven lets you share your favourite videos with the people you care about. Although it differs from in that it does not accept voice communications.

13. Synclounge


Synclounge is a platform that works well with a number of media players, including Plex. Synclounge, like other alternatives to rabbit aims to help customers watch movies or browse live channels. Unlike Rabbit, it was designed to be used in conjunction with Plex.

14. Airtime


Airtime is a mobile app that works on both Android and iOS devices. There are not many options for sharing anything from your mobile device with friends and family that are as good as Rabbit. You can use your airtime to listen to music, watch videos, and engage in group video conversations making it a good rabbit alternatives.  

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15. Cytube


CyTube, like other rabbit alternatives, allows you to watch videos with your friends. Cytube, on the other hand, has been intended to improve chat conversation by incorporating capabilities such as voice messaging. Rabbit did not have any of these features.

Final Words

However, with these great rabbit watch together alternative, you can cut that distance in half and host a movie night with individuals who are thousands of kilometres distant. Furthermore, due to well-synced playback, different conversation options, and even remote control that each can take over, the experience will remain absolutely realistic.

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