How To Black Text On 4chan? *Spoiler Text*

How To Black Text On 4chan? *Spoiler Text*

4chan is an image based website where you can easily post image anonymously. 4chan was found in 2003 by Christopher Poole in England. A lot of users on 4chan give away spoilers (try to spoil a moment by sharing the key surprise of anything). It is very obvious that if the key moment is shared, the whole experience becomes quite disappointing.

In this article, we have how you use black text on 4chan spoiler text and easily make that comment unreadable. Follow the simple steps below.

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Use Black Text On 4chan Spoiler Text

Follow the simple steps below to use 4chan spoiler text:

  • Go the a forum on 4chan
  • Click on the option view thread
  • Select option Post a Reply
  • In fill-up form, fill your name or leave it (to post anonymously) and fill your E-mail id under options
  • In comment section, type [Spoiler] to open the spoiler tag
  • Type the comment you want to do with black background aka black text
  • Type [/Spoiler] to close the spoiler tag
spoiler 4chan
  • Click on Post to submit the comment

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how to spoiler 4chan

As you can see above the comment we made at 4chan was spoiler with black text. It was this simple to do this process.

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This was a short article on how you can do spoiler texts on 4chan in few easy steps. I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions related to this topic then mention them in the comments.

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