6 Key Moments In Game Development

Many people require being in game development but do not know where to start. We will tell you what specializations are, and what to do to get on the path of the mobile game development process.

A selection

Read as much useful information as probable about the development and all the questions you are involved in. Do not avoid basic information, because it sometimes contains answers to many questions. As they say, forewarned is forearmed.

Who should you go to gamedev?

If you have not yet chosen the main role for yourself in this area, let’s talk about specializations and analyze the main responsibilities of each of them:

  • Animation programmers. Agree, it’s so cool to keep the whole world at your fingertips! But everything is much more complicated, and in the requirements for such vacancies, you can often find development experience in Unity3D, animation skills in Maya, perfect possession of Mechanism, etc.
  • But the gameplay developer will deal directly with the mechanics. This is the position between artists, engineers, and game designers. Roughly speaking, the gameplay-developer acts as a liaison, because all decisions, both technical and gameplay, are on it.
  • A UI programmer works with graphics for transitions, menus, icons, and so on. Some tasks are even more difficult, like customizing characters.
  • DevOps Developers are involved in working with microservices. For example, Blizzard’s Blizzard Battle.net is the work of DevOps. This is a timely update, and access to online, and the ability to play with other players.
  • Engine programmers are the developers of the engine. They carry SDK integration, utilities, and software for other developers, as well as other things that come from behind the scenes.
  • Tools Developers also develop tools, but particularly for designers.
  • The back-end developer is significantly different from others, since he does not deal with the game, but deals exclusively with the server-side (databases, parsing, etc.).
  • Graphics & Audio programmers are responsible for different, but somewhat similar tasks. Roughly speaking, both specializations are focused on the development of the world: the former work on image quality, while the latter deal with sound effects.
  • The last on the list, but far from the last in the life of gamers, is the Client developer. It is on his shoulders that the burden of upper interfaces and event handling lies.

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The first steps

Understand what projects you would like to work on. You shouldn’t write to the company something like “I am ready to do everything.” Be specific, focus on your original strengths, do not stop and develop them in the process.

What may you do if you are into game development?

  • Mobile games.
  • Casual games.
  • Small independent projects.
  • Large-scale games of the AAA class.
  • Freelance.

The list is much longer, but first, consider this basis to understand what to start from.

The importance is that the starting position will determine your further career path because cardinal retraining will mean a return to the starting point.

Useful podcasts, in which experienced developers talk about the nuances of their work, will play into your hands (you won’t hear such details from HR).

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What will you have to face?

It’s no secret that C ++ and C # are required everywhere in game development, so at least one of these languages ​​should be known as Our Father. Otherwise, the employer sets the music himself, but the main points are often the same, namely:

  • Unreal Engine;
  • SDK integration;
  • game object processing and memory management systems;
  • creating and working with AI;
  • understanding of the principles of working with databases.

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The field of programming itself is rather unstable: changing trends, the “retirement” of obsolete technologies, the emergence of new ones, a constant upgrade of their skills, and fabulous competition.

Now imagine that the gaming industry is even more dynamic because it’s not only about technology but also about the preferences of the target audience, the development of competitors, and tracking the slightest changes. The game dev market will bring its “colors” into the improvement of your chosen company and, as a result, will be imprinted on your professional activity.


And since we are talking about languages, we advise you to pull up the international one.

Even if you already know English, perfect it. At the same time, improve your technical English, writing out and translating unfamiliar words: this way you will learn them much faster.

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