Download and Install APK Editor On PC (Windows 10, 8, 7)

Most Android phones have applications that make extensive use of the APK extension. In this article, we shall discuss about APK files for pc as well as APK Editor for windows. Using these editors, you will be able to modify these apk files from the apk editor windows. From apk editor pc, we shall teach you how to not only edit these files, but also change the icon and name as well within a few minutes. 

If you only wish to change basic information such as the name or icon, then you can download the apk editor for pc on your smartphone itself. For this, you do not need apk editor windows as it is a very basic task. But, if you are a full-fledged android developer looking to modify the files extensively then we shall discuss the apk editor windows software which can help you learn more about the works. 

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Top Rated APK Editor For Windows

apk file editor

1. APK Studio

APK studio is an open-source software which allows its users to decompile APK files and change the codes and resources and compile them again. This software allows users to modify basically anything inside an APK file. This tool is best suited for full-fledged android developers. Beginners will take time to learn how to use this apk editor pc software. 

Some features of APK Studio:

  • Manage multiple frameworks at once while decompiling and recompiling apps.
  • XML and SMALI assists along with the syntax highlighting feature.
  • Install APK batches to disable and enable apart from uninstalling android apps.
  • View source codes of the android app.
  • Useful in debugging.
  • Add extra security.
  • Add extra features.

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2. APK Icon Editor

This is a great APK editor windows app for beginners who do not have a lot of technical knowledge on apk editor for windows. Hence, beginners can use this to edit various features such as the name of the app, the icon and the version. It is a free tool available as apk editor windows. Once you download the software, all you have to do is follow the instructions on the screen. 

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3. APK File Manager

This is one of the most convenient apk editor for windows software. This software allows for complete reverse engineering of the android apps which are available for windows. There are also a bunch of unique features and users can click screenshots of it to save offline for future use. This can be achieved easily as the software reads the directory and retains basic information.

Some other advanced features include removing older versions of said APK app. Not only that, apps can also be renamed in batches. This software has the most sleek user interface and despite being a free tool gives off a very professional appeal. Thus, it is one of the best apk editor for windows. 

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Final Words

It does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional in using the apk editor for windows. Using these software, you can easily modify the apk files to your liking and achieve the desired outcome.

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