Black Desert Online: The Best Class Tier List In BDO | 2023 List

If you are a new player in Black Desert Online, it is normal to be overwhelmed by the number of class available for players to choose. However, some black desert online classes tier list or we can say bdo class tier list are better than others. It’s mostly their different skills and move sets that allow them to jump from pack to pack more effectively. Needless to say, these Black Desert Classes excel at a nearly unfair element of PvE content. You can make use of them (if you have them) in order to grind for more silver.

List Of The Best Class Tier List In BDO


The warrior is one of the best in bdo class tier list. They play with a straightforward and easy-to-learn kit, and the gameplay is straightforward and blunt. Simply charge up to your foes and smash or pound them to smithereens. With the Warrior’s awakening, they become much more mobile and receive sweeping attacks that restore their HP or incapacitate enemies. The only disadvantage is that they do it at melee range.

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The Valkyrie is the warrior’s equivalent, and they’re slightly stronger at dealing with large groups of enemies. They have some ranged attack and have more reliable defensive skills than the Warrior making them a top class tier list bdo.

Their equipment helps them to obliterate any enemy in their path, move past them, and repeat the process with other groups. The Valkyries are successful not only because of their awakening, but also because of their succession. While their mainly melee range limits them, the Valkyrie is a safe choice for players concerned about PvP while PvE grinding.

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Many players ignore the Hashashin because it is a difficult class to learn or even comprehend. But fact is they are in the elite black desert online classes tier list. The ability rotations are a little complicated, and some of the animations can be a little janky at times. Those who stuck with the class and persevered should be laughing right now because they now have one of the best PvE grinding classes in the game. The Hashashin is similar to a Ninja, but his abilities have a larger attack area, thus, making them among the elite black desert online classes tier list.

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Next on the black desert online classes tier list is the Striker. The striker is a top class tier list bdo because they’re a fusion of mage, mystic and warrior. They have more aggression and mobility. The Striker shines in both PvP and PvE, but their gear seems to be better suited to the latter. Regardless, the Striker’s two paths hit hard, real, and wide— to the point that it seems like they buffed them too much at times making them among the top bdo class tier list.

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Final words

Given above are some of the best bdo class tier list. If proper attention and training is given to the skills they can become among the most formidable players in the game.

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