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12 Best Alternatives To Hamachi

Hamachi is a tool which creates private and safe networks between computers. In other words, it is called a virtual private network or VPN. The basic function of a VPN is to simulate a local area network of any location which assists in accessing servers, routers and firewalls of several computers over a secure network. Hamachi is very easy to use and has a lot of uses. It can be used for file sharing, gaming, download data and for visiting websites or streams otherwise blocked on your local IP and most popularly gaming. While Hamachi is excellent with the way it works, it is still not perfect. Hence, we’re listing some alternatives to Hamachi. 

1. ZeroTier

ZeroTier, one of the best softwares like Hamachi is a freemium VPN service which operates from Irvine, California. The pricing starts at 4$ a month. It is considered one of the best VPNs for gaming as it securely connects phones, PCs and servers to peer-to-peer virtual networks making it a value for money client application.

2. Evolve

Evolve is one of the most user friendly and best Himachi alternative on the Internet and it is free. It is among the best for video game players. Here, users can simply hangout, share information and play games together. 

The interface is divided into two parts; the client and the browser. The client is where you can manage your contacts and stats whereas the browser where you can access the games and information about it. 

3. GameRanger

A Hamachi Similar software, GameRanger is among the top Himachi alternative for LAN Gaming. Available for free on operating systems like Mac and Windows, it allows gamers to play and have voice calls at the same time. 

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4. Wippien

Wippien is another software like Hamachi, available for free, for personal as well as commercial use. A fun Hamachi alternative, it is a great tool for LAN gamers which supports Instant Messaging on apps like ICQ, Google Talk, AIM etc. Not only that, it can also be used to share files as well. It helps users with a peer-to-peer connection, as if they were sitting right next to you. 

5. PlayHide VPN

Playhide VPN is a software like Hamachi providing alternative networks to its users. Operating only on Windows and Linux, it has a simple setup without the need for creation of an account. It can be used for gaming and sharing files with an account or even anonymously. The best part about this VPN is that it is free and open-source. Call of Duty, Counterstrike are some of the best playable games through this application.

6. Port Forwarding

Port Forwarding is a great Himachi alternative for LAN Programming. This technique allows us to connect external devices to our private networks and computers. Through this, we can use a public HTTP without the need of a private LAN. It is one of the best alternatives to hamachi.

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7. Parsec

Parsec is another one of the best Hamachi alternatives available for us. It is a freemium VPN which allows users to connect to your work, play and friends regardless of where you are located. While it is great for gamers, it is also the perfect app for remote developers, engineers and designers to create stunners from anywhere. If you wish to upgrade, Parsec Warp costs only 9.99$ monthly or 99.99$ a year.

8. Netovernet

A Hamachi similar software, it acts as your personal, free application which assists you to connect to the network from any device and any global location. Overall, it is a great Himachi alternative to share files and applications. 

9. SoftEther

Another great Hamachi Similar software, with a connection speed of 1gbps it is considered to be among the best for gaming. Operating on Mac, Linux and Windows, it is one of the most powerful and versatile VPNs available for download. What makes it unique is the security features it provides; a Firewall VPN for example. Thus, it is a highly recommended Hamachi alternative.

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10. Freelan

Freelan is also one of the best Hamachi alternative as it is a free, open source peer to peer VPN service which can function on multiple platforms like Mac, Windows and Linux. This software like hamachi can be used for gaming, connecting a set of computers and many more things. It also claims to be one of the most secure alternatives to Hamachi as the user remains in complete control of their data thus keeping it safe from the public eye.

11. P2pVPN

This software like hamachi is among the top alternatives to Himachi. It is a peer to peer network without any fixed servers or workstations. Hence, it is perfect for users without an end server. The most popular use of P2PVPN is to download music, movies, games and other files. It is a unique software as it is written in Java. So if this is what you are looking for, then this Hamachi similar software is for you. 

12. Radmin VPN

The final VPN on this list, also a great software like Himachi is the Radmin VPN. It is one of the most secure and reliable remote access VPNs available as it used not only gamers, but by governments and military as well. It allows users to securely connect to computers located behind firewalls making it one of the best Hamachi alternative. This Hamachi similar software is free to download and use for 30 days making it easily accessible to everyone. It is one of the best alternatives to hamachi.

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From all the alternative to Hamachi that we have seen, each one is unique in their own way. If we had to choose only one, we would choose SoftEther; it is one of the most secure Hamachi similar software out there on the market since it is open source and available for free download and use. This makes it easily accessible as well, thus making it the best Hamachi alternative.


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