Best Tips to Survive Iron Trials Mode in Call of Duty Warzone 

Best Tips to Survive Iron Trials Mode in Call of Duty Warzone 

If you think your regular warzone matches are the hardest battle royales, you’re in for a surprise. So, you can think Iron Trials as the toughest experience available in COD. This game mode is a pure test of your mastery of the weapons, maps, movements, and techniques in regular warzone matches.

Therefore, you’ll need to apply all you’ve ever learned in your previous warzone matches to win in this mode. To further increase your winning chances, we advise you buy some Warzone wallhacks. Continue reading to uncover the best survival tips for warzone’s iron Trials mode.

5 Best survival tips for Warzone’s Iron Trial mode 

1. Make some changes to your regular loadout

Compared to your regular warzone matches, this mode requires you to do more to kill opponents. As such, you’ll need some solid guns to help you complete the job. You’ll have to select guns with a quick TTK and the capacity for many bullets.

If you’re still confused about what weapons to carry, here are some of our favorites. We like using the Vanguard in our SMG category. For scenarios where you need an assault rifle, the regular AK-47 is just one of the best picks. For weapons with a quick TTK, we recommend the Bullfrog, Mac-10, or MP5.

2. Loot and move

We can’t think of a scenario where you’ll talk about battle royale games and not think about loots. Moreover, an important thing you should remember is that there are no free loadout drops in Warzone’s Iron Trials mode. More so, items at the buy station are more expensive.

This means you’ll have to either get your weapons from loots or use the only left alternative – buy them. The latter becomes more demanding than other modes because you’ll need more than the custom 10k dollars to purchase a loadout. So, loot, but don’t be carried away – you don’t want a bullet in the back of your head.

3. Never wander off alone.

We’re not advising you against attempting heroic feats or killing a host of enemies singlehandedly. Your teammates should always be by your side. If you need a reminder, this mode is tough. As such, the game promises a torturous experience for players who have no help.

Therefore, you must always stick with team members no matter what. If you have to be alone for any reason, ping your teammates your location. But even in such scenarios, you mustn’t be too far from your teammates.

4. Grab that equipment while you can

We earlier said you’ll need everything you can get if you must survive this iron trial – tactical and lethal are included too. This mode has a design that slows down the rate at which players regenerate health. With this in mind, you’ll need the Stim as tactical equipment. 

While you may prefer a Heartbeat sensor or a Flash grenade, we advise that you use Stim because of its fast healing abilities. In addition, Semtex and Thermite pack more of a punch. As such, they should come among your first picks of lethal equipment.

5. Stayed ahead of the gas

If you’ve ever played this mode of Warzone before now, you may have noticed that the circles have a quicker collapse rate than regular warzone modes. Even if you’re sniping, monitor the gas and get moving to avoid being trapped. 

Sometimes, you may come in between heavy loot and the gas, don’t be tricked into jeopardizing yourself. Only loot with what time you have and move away as soon as possible.


The Iron Trials mode in warzone is the final mode for the Rebirth Island. As such, the developers have made it a memorable experience where you’ll need more than your regular. While you may take chances in other modes and go unpunished, doing that in Iron Trials may cost you the match. Mind you, don’t think of the Gulag because it’s way more brutal than you’re used to.

The gas circle shrinks at a much faster rate, requiring that you act and move fast. If you have some loot in front of you, grab them and leave at once. Also, you must avoid being outnumbered at any cost; therefore, always stick with your duo. Lastly, you’ll need top-notch weapons and equipment and perks; check out suggestions in the first tip.

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