Top 9 Sites Like Charahub | Charahub Alternatives

Charahub or characterhub as it was known, used to be a website that was used in effective storytelling. Using charahub, people could create special characters for books and games and save them online. It was one of the most excellent options for saving content in one single place. For the characters, you could save information about their character, their personality traits, and other visual plus text descriptions. It was also a good tool for writers.

Unfortunately for some reason it shut down in 2019. While we will not delve into the details, we are definitely going to discuss websites like charahub so that you can try recreating your experiences. Let us take a look at the top charahub alternatives.

1. World Anvil


World Anvil is one of the best sites like Charahub as it provides writers, game developers and authors the inspiration they need for their creativity. There are 25 over different styles of templates you can choose and what’s more, you can even add locations and maps to it. You can also add customized music, photos, sound effects as you please and access them when you want to. This way you can provide your audience an immersive visual experience. 

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2. Toyhouse


Toyhouse is one of the best types of Charahub alternative as it allows for a creation of unlimited characters and worlds. While this site is a gold mine for storytellers, it can only be accessed if someone sends you an invite. These invites can only be given by premium users. It is also possible to link the character you created to characters created by other users. Not only that, the website also allows you to comment in the forums and interact with each other via social media. 



It is another sites like charahub which is excellent for writers, role players and storytellers. Authors will find it amazing as it allows them to create richer and more immersive experiences for their books. It can only be used to write normal stories and even plays. gives users the opportunity to create characters and locations for the characters in their books. Since users can save their content, they can be sure to never lose anything as long as it is backed up. This is makes it a top charahub alternative. 

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A free for use tool, it is an excellent website like charahub for storytellers and creators. It is easy to create and also share references for your art. Since there are less users on this platform, you can be worry free about someone plagiarizing or stealing your art. Hence, this is a wonderful sites like charahub. 

5. Realm works


Another exciting site like charahub, realm works was created not only for book authors. It was also created for game developers. So, if you are looking for charahub alternatives where you can interact with other game developers in the gaming community then this is the right place to be. What can we do here? We can create realistic game worlds with immersive stories here. If used properly it can one of the top tools for creating and managing campaigns and projects by creating like you might have never seen before. Thus, this is an excellent alternative to charahub. 

6. Yarps


Also another websites like charahub for creating immersive and detailed gaming worlds, yarps is an excellent website. Whether you are a writer, game developer, theatre artist this website will definitely be perfect for you. If you are wondering what all you can do here, then let me tell you, here you can create different styles of worlds, create very impressive stories with different customizations. This website is an excellent website for also creating interactive maps and portraits with music. It is also a great option for RPG enthusiasts who can use the many number of locations and characters as they see fit in their stories. 

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7. Scrivener


If you enjoyed using charahub but cannot anymore since it has shut down, then know that scrivener is a perfect opportunity for you to use this charahub alternative. There are various tools which resemble the charahub feel right from the beginning. You can also create personalized manuscripts. From tools for fiction and fantasy, different kinds of templates and various collections, there is a lot you can do in scrivener. 

8. World scribe

Download Link: World Scribe

For those users looking for advanced creation techniques, they should know that world scribe is a top charhub alternative for them. It can be used for creating the ideal world setting they require as they can customize it as per their requirements. Writers, role players and novelists would find this website like charahub perfect for them. Here, you can also backup whatever you create be it characters or worlds in your dropbox account making it perfect. 

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9. Novascriber


Novascriber is an excellent website like charahub as it provides everything you need for writing your novels properly from the beginning. All you need to do is join novascriber and create your characters and location. It also allows you to track your characters easily. This way, it has become a very promising alternative for content creator as they can now easily create notes, research things for their novels and short stories. This website also provides users the access to other functionalities which make writing an easy experience while also creating immersive worlds. This website can also be used to create complex assignments making it a wonderful sites like charahub. 

Final Words

As you can see, these are some of the best sites like charahub currently available for writers and creators to use. With these sites you can easily get back to creating amazing content for people to read and witness with the help of amazing storytelling. 

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