Crew Self Service Login Guide | Crewss.hagroup

Crew Self Service Login Guide | Crewss.hagroup

As of December 15, 2018, crew self service is closed. This means that the platform is no longer available for businesses or individuals to find and hire creative talent. While this may cause concern for some, it’s also an opportunity to explore new options for finding and hiring design talent. Dribbble has several tools to help you find the perfect designer for your next project, from self-serve sourcing to our creative staffing solution Dribbble Talent.


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Is there a Crew self-service alternative? How do I hire designers with minimal effort?

crewss hagroup

The crew has been a popular tool for sourcing talent since 2013, helping businesses and individuals find and hire top designers worldwide.

Although crew self service is closed, you can still seek out the best designer for your project by using one of these three tools:

1. Dribbble Talent

This crew self service login tool allows you to create or edit open job postings with required specifications such as experience and skill set.

2. Hireable Pro

This premium hiring platform allows you to post your job opening job ads directly, answering the question, “Where can I find the best designers?”

3. Upwork ProFinder

The Upwork platform’s ProFinder solution allows you to easily post challenges for designers to complete. This makes it possible for a designer to become a permanent employee regularly working on your project.

How do crewss hagroup work, and how do I sign up?

Crewss hagroup is a self-service platform that helps you source and hires the best designers worldwide. This means you only need to create your job opening with specifications such as experience level and add those criteria in your posting. You can also upload images of designers with similar skills to yours, setting up a background check for applicants that goes beyond just their portfolio.

By joining crewss hagroup, you won’t need to worry about communication with your designer, as they will be able to communicate directly with each other through the platform.

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How do I communicate with my designer?

Once you have created a posting on crewss hagroup and have posted it, your designer will be able to contact you directly by using the platform. Once your designer has created an account with the crew’s hagroup, they will receive a notification. 

Here, they can log in and see the latest challenges posted and how many applicants applied for each one. They can then respond to each challenge individually until you’ve found the perfect candidate.

How does crew self service login work?

Crew self service login is a tool that allows you to access the tools, resources, and tools available on Crew.

It is available to all members of the crew platform community, allowing access to the many tools and resources available on Crew, whether it be collaborating, browsing, or searching for discovering new talent. You can read more about how our self-service options work here.

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The crew has been a popular tool for sourcing and hiring top talent. Although it’s not available for all users, the crew’s hagroup gives you a clear way to find and hire creative talent with minimal effort. Whether you’re a designer, copywriter, or developer looking for a new designer to work on your next project, look no further than crew self-service login to find the best designer possible.


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