Destiny 2 Buffalo Error Code Issue [Easy Fix] | 4 Simple Methods

Destiny 2 is one of the most popular games of this generation. Despite the popularity of the game, plenty of players are facing a new issue called the destiny 2 error buffalo. Are you also stuck with this issue are looking for methods to fix the destiny 2 error code buffalo pc? Then do not worry, because in this article we shall be discussing about destiny 2 buffalo fix.

What is the destiny 2 error buffalo all about?

This is a common issue which kind of logs you out of the game without actually logging you out. This means that you are still logged in. And because you are still logged in, you cannot login the game again. There is an issue in the Bungie which causes the destiny 2 error code buffalo pc.

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Why does the destiny 2 error code buffalo pc even occur? 

It can happen due to multiple reasons:

1. Maintenance in the server

Server maintenance often causes glitches in all games and therefore there is no need to panic.

2. Multiple logins on different consoles

Players often start looking for destiny 2 buffalo fix because of being logged in everywhere.

3. IP Address

Sometimes the IP address changes which can also cause the destiny 2 error buffalo.

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Solutions for the destiny 2 buffalo fix

1. Completely disconnect from the game

This is one of the best fixes. Here, you have to completely disconnect from the game by logging out, closing the game and end the running files from the task manager. This should completely sever all running connections after which you can try logging in again.

2. VPN

The game is possibly not running properly because of where you are located or server issues based on the ping. A solution to this is using a VPN to login to the game from an IP located elsewhere in the world. This should help fix the destiny 2 error buffalo code.

3. Check your subscription

One of the reasons for the game being logged out weirdly is that maybe your subscription to the game might have ended. So, for this destiny 2 buffalo fix you need to check this out and verify it is a game error or the subscription ran out.

4. Disable the Antivirus

It is possible that the antivirus algorithm picked up a file as fishy and blocked it thinking it is a virus. This can also cause issues in the game. Hence, you would either have to add certain files to the exclusion list or disable the antivirus entirely. This should help to fix the destiny 2 error buffalo issue.

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Final Words

As you can see, the destiny 2 error code buffalo pc is a normal issue which can happen due to very common reasons. However, fixing the issue of destiny 2 buffalo fix is easy as well and you should be able to play the game again after trying the solutions we have provided. 

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