DISH has Begun Building the “Network of Networks”

The latest company to offer 5G services for consumers is DISH. The company is in the middle of putting together a 5G wireless network that operates with cloud-native as well as Open RAN. The goal of DISH Wireless is to build a “network of networks” so that businesses can design the connections that they want based on their specific needs.

Marc Rouanne is the Chief Network Officer for DISH Wireless and recently talked about the new design in an interview at the Mobile World Congress. The architecture for 5G is standalone, which means that data from smaller services can be directed to various APIs. This is something that could be huge for businesses as they can obtain a policy and subscription manager and could get the software in their business in order to build it any way that they see fit.

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Looking Into the Data

Another value of the network is that the ability for granular observation is present. There’s a lot of information that can be seen across networks, such as how chipsets perform and the various links that are present in the network. It’s also possible to see how data computes and the memory associated with technology. Businesses can look at the details including whether or not vehicles are connected to a network or if there are home devices that are connected to certain networks. Businesses will be able to look at more details when it comes to the connections that consumers have so that they can offer value and services that they might not have had with a basic network.

Building Networks

Businesses can also build the networks that they want. It wouldn’t be the network that DISH Network offers. Instead, businesses can look at exactly what they need to operate and create a network that has the speed and the data that is desired.

DISH Wireless is undergoing a process that involves building a greenfield network. In order to create a multi-network system that offers the performance that businesses need, the process is quite complex and requires significant testing and validating of the data that’s received. Once the system is deployed, there is a focus placed on the integration of the system and how it will perform.

Partnerships With Dell

Dell Technologies is offering its assistance to DISH Wireless when it comes to the IT details and the domain. Since DISH is a cloud company or one that works with software, it wanted to partner with a company that can thoroughly look at the details of software programs and storage in order to deliver the best technology possible. Dell can also help to tailor the network so that it’s easier to use. Dell is investing the Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab that it has in place in order to test the various components of the network that’s been established by DISH. The lab is a platform for hardware and software that makes it easy for businesses to enter information into the programs at a pace that’s comfortable for them. This process can result in faster times for marketing designs that are already validated. Dell is also creating other labs for more testing, which is what DISH desired when it entered into its partnership with the company. With the ability to create networks and the customization that Dell can deliver, there should be a diverse network in place in the near future. 

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