ESN Sonar | What Is ESN Sonar And How To Uninstall It?

The esn sonar is a software designed by ESN Social Software AB which allows its users to stay connected even when they browse the internet or whether the browser is closed. It is a very popular technology which has been used for many years. It offers minimum system footprint, really good voice quality as well as low latency. Also, it can be integrated into any game by bringing C/C++ into use. 

Sonar comes with a JavaScript API and Webhooks API. This allows users to customize their sonar integration as they like.

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How does Esn sonar work?

You should know that it adds an exception to the windows firewall. This way the firewall and antivirus does not interfere with it. It comes with an executable file named sonarhost.exe. The installer contains 7 files and its total file size amounts to 2.34MB. Majority of the users of Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 make use of the Esn sonar. 

Esn sonar is a popular “add-on” for the Battlefield game. This acts as a voice module. What does it do exactly? It allows users to talk to each other via the VOIP protocol. This VOIP protocol allows for a seamless discussion in the game without hiccups or hassles. 

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This is an audio and multimedia shareware software which is mostly used in battlefield 3 and battlefield 4. This API is equally good just like Microsoft Xbox’s party VOIP. It is most beneficial when there is a huge team and a commander has to relay instructions to his subordinates.

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ESN Social Software AB

This software is used to create content for web centric gaming. It creates, deploys and also scales internet applications such as Beaconpush which is used to create applications on the internet such as Comets, HTML5 and Websockets. ESN Social software AB is a part of the Electronics Arts (EA) family.

Key features of the ESN Sonar software worth remembering:

  • It is basically a plug-in for internet based voice calling which is exclusive to EA only.
  • EA’s battlelog is a social platform of sorts where you can interact with strangers and friends, and network with them about both battlefield 3 and battlefield 4. Not only can you text but you can also voice chat.
  • You may not have to install ESN sonar manually because as soon as you activate the voice chat it automatically installs by itself. 
  • So, if you wish to use the voice chat then the ESN sonar file will be necessary to keep. If this is something you do not use, you can easy uninstall it.

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How to uninstall ESN Sonar?

  • Go to control panel
  • Look for add/remove program features
  • Double click the ESN Sonar.exe file and uninstall it.

Final Words

So now you know all about the ESN sonar and its capabilities. It is a very handy tool if you are not a person who types too much. Using this is a great way to stay connected with your teammates in battlefield 3 and battlefield 4. 

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