Fix Xfinity US DS Light Flashing | 5 Easy Methods

As you know, Xfinity is a popular brand under which they sell many consumer products such as Internet services, cable TV and other similar services under the Comcast Cable Communication umbrella. There have been frequent reports from their customers that the US/DS indicator is blinking a lot.

This happens when there is some difficulty in the router trying to establish an Internet connection. The Xfinity US/DS blinking light issue does not happen if the Internet connection is stable. However, you should be aware that this issue happens for a variety of reasons. Hence, in this article we shall cover all the different measures we can take to resolve the Xfinity router US/DS flashing issue. To begin, there are 5 ways in which we can address the US DS light blinking hassle. Let us take a look: 

Method 1: Begin with restarting the router

This is the first and most common step we propose to see if the issue can be resolved. Not only the modem, we propose restarting your other devices connected to the router as well. This is because, restarting the devices clears lag and usually fixes the xfinity us ds problems. The whole idea behind restarting your devices is that the longer you use it without restarting, the more technical problems it will face.

Hence, if you experience this error, restarting the xfinity us ds should help resolve the xfinity us/ds blinking problem. It is a great method to manually fix and rectify a bunch of addressed and unaddressed problems this way as it is a very simple approach.

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Method 2: Inspect the modem

If restarting your devices does not help to resolve the xfinity us/ds light blinking issue, then there might be something wrong with your modem. Hence, we recommend that you inspect it. Electronic devices frequently become defective over time. The same can be said about the comcast us ds light blinking issue as well.

If you feel that the problem might have occurred due to the faulty modem, then we suggest getting it inspected by a technician at a maintenance store. If necessary, get it repaired so that the xfinity us ds blinking issue can stop. For some reason if this does not help, then we would highly suggest replacing the modem. 

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Method 3: Inspecting the network status

The third method in this list involves you checking your network status in your current location. This can be done by calling up your Internet Service Provider. It might be possible that the technical issue is from their end, due to maintenance reasons or perhaps, instability. This is perhaps the reason you are seeing the xfinity router’s us/ds flashing issue on your router.

Hence, we would first suggest checking the network status where you live. If for some reason the network does not start working in an hour, then we would suggest calling up your Internet Service Provider’s service number. Hopefully, this will help to fix your comcast us ds light blinking issue. 

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Method 4: Check the connecting cables between all your devices

This is the fourth step in the list which might help to resolve your issue. One of the main causes of the xfinity us/ds light blinking issue is the connectivity problem which occurs with the cables connecting your modem to your television. We believe that the connection in the wires might be broken, because of which it does not connect to the Tv and the blinking issue is occurring. 

Hence, we would suggest that you inspect the cables as soon as you can. It is not daunting, it is a very simple process. All you have to do now is unhook the cable from your modem and attach it to another working modem. If you see that the modem is working alright without the light blinking issue, then you should know that the problem is with your modem and not the cables.

But if you find that the same light blinking issue occurs even with the second modem, then it is definitely the cable’s fault, thus, causing the xfinity router’s light blinking issue. So then, your next move would be to replace the cable with a newer one which may fix the xfinity router us/ds flashing. If this method does not work, then do not worry as there is one more method left. 

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Method 5: Get in touch with the Xfinity customer support team

In the event that all above methods fail and the light blinking issue still persists, then we suggest getting in touch with the Xfinity customer support team. All you have to do is visit their website and locate the contact us page. Once you are on that page, you will notice that there are various options on whether you want to chat with an agent, or have a voice call with an agent, find their office location or their repair centre. Click one of those options and you will be able to address your grievances. This way, we believe that your issue will be resolved at the earliest. 

Final Words

The Xfinity us/ds light blinking issue is a random occurrence and also one of the strangest concerns their customers have. We are confident that this issue will be resolved by the organization in the near future, but till then, the methods we have made a compilation of should help in temporarily fixing the issues. 

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