Google Play Store White Screen Error [Solved] | 3 Easy Methods To Fix It!!

Android users are facing an issue of google play store white screen in which the screen goes white in Play Store and the user is not able to download the apps he/she is looking for. This issue of google play white screen is really causing trouble for the users and they are looking for simple ways to fix it.

In this article, we have added 3 ways to fix google play store white screen error in no time. You just have to follow a few simple steps to fix this error.

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3 Easy Ways To Fix Google Play Store White Screen Error

1. Add New Google Account

This methods is quite simple. You have to delete the existing google account from your Android device and add a new one or add the same account again. Follow the steps below to use this method:

  • Go to Settings > Accounts
  • Select your Google Account
  • Press on Remove Account
remove google account
  • Once done, add the account again or sign in using a new account
  • Google Play Store should work fine now

You can follow the steps here if you want to know how to remove google account in detail.

2. Clear Cache Google Play Store

Clear cache is one of the most simplest yet effective methods to solve google play white screen error. Follow the steps down below to use this method:

  • Go to Settings > App & Notification > Play Store
  • Click on Storage & Cache
  • Press Clear Cache
google play store clear cache
  • Once done, try to use Google Play Store, it would be fixed

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3. Restart Device & Use WIFI

There are chances that you mobile data is causing trouble. In this method you will have to restart your device and switch your device to WIFI instead of mobile data before opening play store. This will fix google play store white screen error.

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These were 3 simple methods to fix google play white screen error. If you follow the steps correctly, the error will be fixed in no time. I hope this article was useful to you. If you have any kind of suggestions or questions, you can mention them in the comments down below.

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