How Do E-Signatures Work And Are They Safe? 

Technology has influenced various aspects of people’s lives. It has shaped how people conduct various transactions like signing documents. Nowadays, there’s more than one way to attach your signature to indicate your approval or acceptance. And one of them is using your electronic signature or e-signature. 

In this feature, you can learn more about the functions and safety of e-signatures. Continue reading to learn more.   

What’s An E-Signature


An e-signature is a digital copy of your official written approval you can attach to different documents and paperwork to provide your consent. It’s a legally accepted medium to sign files like application forms or contracts if you can’t sign them in person.  

Nowadays, some people use their e-signatures for various transactions since it’s more convenient and accessible. They can use it to approve a document when they don’t have a physical copy. For instance, an individual can accept a job offer from an overseas company by signing an onboarding contract using their digital signature.  

How To Use An E-Signature 

If you wish to use your e-signature to sign a document, you should make one first. After all, it’s convenient to have a copy of your digital approval to use it whenever you need it.  

You can create your e-signature by writing your signed name on a blank canvas and taking a photo of it. You can then upload and edit it to remove the background using a software program. Once you have a copy of your signature, you can simply attach it to soft copies of any paper.  

Alternately, you may also utilize programs like jSign to sign various types of documents legally. An online platform may be helpful if you need to countersign documents or require multiple signatories on a file. These applications allow users to sign by drawing on the screen or trackpad too. Then, they save the file with the signatures attached. Talk about convenience. 

Benefits Of Signing Documents Online  

If you’re skeptical about using your e-signature to sign documents, here are some of its benefits that may convince you:  

  • It’s Generally Legally Accepted And Recognized 

One of the essential advantages of using an e-signature is that it’s considered legal worldwide. Many industries recognize using electronic approval for their transactions. This means you can use it to provide your consent or authorization on various documents. For example, you can give the go signal on a business partnership by signing the necessary paperwork digitally.  

  • It Shortens Processing Time  

With an e-signature, you can sign documents wherever you are. You won’t need a printed copy of a file before you can attach your sign to it. All you need to do is open it digitally and put your e-signature. This shortens the processing time for official transactions that require your approval. For instance, if you need to sign a contract with an overseas client, you can quickly finish the transaction by using your digital confirmation. 

Overall, utilizing e-signatures for official business transactions will create a more efficient work process and lessen the processing time for important documents.  

  • It’s Sustainable And Eco-friendly

Using an e-signature to sign documents will save you time and resources. You won’t need to print anything before you read and sign them. This means you can avoid using too much paper to sign extensive files like contracts or financial records. 

Additionally, you can save energy and money since you won’t need to use printers and buy ink to produce copies of your business documents. If you wish to make your business more sustainable, then using e-signatures may be an excellent idea. 

Are E-Signatures Safe To Use For Transactions

One worry you may have about using your digital signature is its security. After all, if someone gets hold of your e-signature online, it may be easy to use it for transactions you don’t know about.  

Fortunately, an e-signature comes with various security measures to ensure it won’t be forged or copied without the consent of its owner. Case in point, signing a document online will provide you with an electronic record that would serve as official transaction proof. It’d indicate how you received the file, who sent it and when you signed it.  

If your sign shows up on a document you never received, you can dispute its legitimacy.  

Some applications you can use to sign files online may also have security features to prevent signature tampering. This may include a certification indicating details like the geo-location of signatories and the time and date of the transaction.  

Final Thoughts  

Overall, using an e-signature is a convenient way to approve various transactions. It’s accessible and easy to use, so you won’t have any trouble attaching it to a document. Plus, it’s secure, so you won’t need to worry about having your signature used for suspicious activities.  

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