How To Delete A Saved Game On Pokemon White 2? 4 Easy Steps

How To Delete A Saved Game On Pokemon White 2? 4 Easy Steps

Pokemon White is a game which features a lot of fascinating backgrounds, styles, items, designs and a very unique storyline. There are a lot of new unique innovative building designs, spirits battle scenes, Pokemon centers etc. You are allowed to discover more than 540 Pokemon’s in this game from generation 1 to the generation 6 and the best part is you can catch all of them. Different weathers are also available. A lot of users are wondering how to delete a saved game on Pokemon white 2?

Users are not able to find an option to delete save file Pokemon white 2. Don’t worry, we have found a way for how to delete Pokemon white save. Follow the simple steps mentioned in this article to delete save file Pokemon white 2.

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Delete Saved Game On Pokemon White 2

The option to delete save file in this game was intentionally made difficult to find as the collectible-ness of the game is a very big part overall in this game. Follow the simple steps below to delete save game in Pokemon White 2:

  • Go to the main screen in the game (where it tells you to press the start option)
  • Now, press Select, Up and B all together at the same time
  • A menu will open up in which delete game option will be available
  • Choose the delete option and your save game will be deleted

Note: Once you delete the save, there is no way to recover it.


These were the simple steps to follow to know how to delete a saved game on Pokemon white 2 and complete the process. Make sure to make up your mind before you delete the game save as once deleted, you won’t be able to recover it. I hope this article was helpful to you and if you have any questions, mention it in the comments.

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