How To Enable Origin Overlay In Titanfall 2? 4 Easy Steps To Follow

Many users of the Titanfall2 game face issues such as the origin ingame overlay not working when they play it on their PC. There have been many requests worldwide to fix the issue so that gamers can play the game without the origin ingame overlay not working problem. But what is Titanfall 2? It is a FPS game which is one of the best games for all major operating systems such as Windows, PS4 and the Xbox. In this article we shall discuss how to enable origin overlay in titanfall 2.

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Steps on how to enable origin overlay in titanfall 2.

1. Enable the overlay in the game

Maybe the origin overlay is disabled on your device because of which it is not working. This can cause errors like that. But even if it is enabled some users still face the issues. These are the steps one should follow to enable overlay and fix the origin ingame overlay not working issue.

  • Launch the “Client”.
  • Go to the Menu and click on Application Settings.
  • Choose the in-game option.
  • If it is enabled, turn it off and on. If it is disabled, turn it on.

2. Add the client in the antivirus exclusion list

While antiviruses are great for blocking harmful material, they can also prevent certain applications from running on the desktop. This might be one of the reasons origin overlay not working Titanfall 2. So if you are now wondering about how to enable origin overlay in titanfall 2 then you must add the Titanfall 2 game to your antivirus exclusion list so that the files do not get blocked again.

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3. Update the Graphics drivers

Chances that origin ingame overlay not working issue is happening because your graphics drivers are outdated. The solution here to overcome this problem is to check the drivers. 

  • Launch device manager by typing “devmgmt.msc” in the cmd prompt window.
  • Click the display adapters window twice to reveal the drop down menu.
  • Click on the graphics cards to update it.
  • Search automatically for drivers.
  • Once updated, see if it is working properly. 

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4. Delete and reinstall the display adapter

Incase these methods did not work, then you might have to try deleting and reinstalling the GPU drivers again. This should definitely fix the origin overlay not working titanfall 2 issue.

  • Go back to the “Device Manager”.
  • Double-click on “Display Adapters”.
  • Click on the GPU card and uninstall it.
  • Restart the device.
  • Install the GPU drivers again.

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Final Words

As you can see there are various issues which cause the origin overlay not working titanfall 2 problem. However, with these different steps, you will no longer have to wonder how to enable origin overlay in titanfall 2 as the game should now be able to function properly. 

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