How to Get More YouTube Views: Five Practical Tips

Views are the bread and butter of any YouTuber, and just like any professionals, they are looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of their work and get more of it. Many guides and even paid courses, unfortunately, only give obvious advice and throw around empty words. In this article, you will find five practical tips on how to increase your YouTube view rate.

Write Engaging Titles

Titles and thumbnails are the “showcase” of your video. The thumbnail is aimed to make a viewer stop scrolling and take a closer look at your video, while a title must interest and intrigue them, so they click on it. A good title can grab the audience’s attention without going down to clickbait. This can be done by boosting your copywriting skills and with some tricks, which we will discuss next.

AIDA model is a tested and reliable marketing tool used to create engaging advertisement material, which can be easily applied to making converting video titles. The core idea is that a consumer goes through four stages when making a decision — Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Thus, an effective title must grab the viewer’s attention with something relevant and catchy, drive their interest, and, finally, make them willing to know more by watching your video, which is action.

Also, you should regularly check what large YouTube channels are doing. They have whole teams brainstorming the title ideas and crunching the numbers in analytics, so they come up with best naming practices. These include “top-10” and “best-of” compilations, question-based titles, and using keywords.

YouTube SEO

Though YouTube has little resemblance to Google, Bing, or Yahoo, it is a search engine and also one of the most visited websites worldwide and the second most visited search platform after Google. Although it has traits of a social platform, many people use it exactly as a search engine by typing in queries and receiving the most fitting results.

SEO optimization of your channel and content is key to driving more views from the search. Luckily, it has little difference from any usual search optimization, and there are dozens of tools, free and paid, which you can use for it. Here are the areas where your video can be optimized:

  • Title and description: Collect relevant keywords and include them here to boost your search visibility. Take care not to overstuff the text to the point where it becomes unreadable, as it will have a reverse effect.
  • Mention keywords in the video itself: It will help the algorithm understand what your video is about.
  • Encourage engagement: People interacting with your video boost its ranking and make it appear higher in the results.
  • Categories: Picking a category helps YouTube show your video to a relevant audience.
  • Tags: Tags are an additional way to specify the topic of your content. An additional benefit is that you can use quite a lot of them.

As in any SEO optimization, YouTube SEO is a continuous process. Try changing keywords and wording about every 1 or 2 months to test their performance and investigate analytics to find space for improvement.

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Use Custom Thumbnails

By default, YouTube picks a frame of a video to use a thumbnail, which won’t always look nice. A custom thumbnail, on the other hand, can draw more attention, include additional text, and reflect the professionalism of the creator. You can and should create your own signature style for thumbnails, so your subscribers spot your content once they see it.

Creating a thumbnail doesn’t necessarily imply lots of hard work. Youtube thumbnail generator have various free graphic design templates.

Get to Know Your Audience

With all the discussed optimization, the best way to drive more views is to give people what they desire to watch. Understanding their desires may be tricky. You can begin with analysis of your competitors. See which of their videos get the most engagement and what people are saying in the comments. You can also get several format and visual style ideas from them.

Secondly, you can use Serpstat to see the highest-ranking keywords connected with your topic. Also, check the search dynamics as many interests can be seasonal. This will give you additional time to prepare and release the video when the topic is hot.

Cross-Promote Your Videos

If the topic of your older videos overlaps with the one you are currently working on, cross-promoting your content for more views is a great idea. For example, you can put the link in the description and ask viewers to check it out for additional information. This will also keep people on your content longer, which may result in additional subscriptions.

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Here are five practical tips on how to get more views on YouTube by making it more noticeable, better SEO-optimized, and closer to the audience’s interests. Follow these tips and provide unique, top-quality content to see your views skyrocket.

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