Warframe: How To Get The New Strange Quest? [Detailed Guide]

Warframe: How To Get The New Strange Quest? [Detailed Guide]

Warframe is one of the games created by a company called digital extremes. This game is an online multiplayer available for all major OS such as Microsoft Windows, PS4, Xbox one and the Nintendo Switch. This game is about players who manage the tenno race characters. After waking up from ages of cryosleep they have to fight a war.

There are various types of weapons and incredible missions for the players to complete.  While they are quite challenging they are also a lot of fun to play. The developers keep adding new missions and a new strange warframe is one of those quests. Let us examine warframe the new strange quest and see what it is about.

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How To Get The New Strange Quest In Warframe?

This quest has been recently developed since the recent update 16.0. The previous quest before this is titled ‘the stolen dreams’. Players have to complete that quest if they wish to play a new strange warframe. For the players who do not know what these type of quests are about, let us tell you that these quests are all interlinked with a common storyline. Players get rewarded once they complete warframe the new strange quest.

If you are wondering what the reward for completing it after wondering how to get the new strange quest is, then we are happy to tell you, that you will receive the blueprint for Chroma. You will also gain access to the sanctuary onslaught. This game mode is endless survival mode where all you have to do is survive by killing an unlimited number of enemies. 

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What happens in a new strange warframe’s first mission?

Player should know that their character begins their journey in the Grinneer Shipyard Prison Complex on Nuovo in Ceres when the first mission begins. A character called Cephalon Simaris appears and gives the players their first mission which is a rescue mission. Gamers have to rescue the sentinels who have been captured.

The next step in warframe the new strange quest is watching the sentinels morph into three Helios the moment they are freed. But Lotus is suspicious of the goals of the Simaris. Tenno is instructed to find the data vault so that they can learn what Cephalon has been after.

This quest develops into a spy and stealth mission where the data vault needs to be opened somehow. Tenno then has to extract the data from it as well. The complication here is that an alarm bell rings as soon as the player goes in the proximity of the vault. They are destined to fail the mission.

Since Lotus does not give Tenno any warning about the possible alarms, the players have to first use a Cipher so that the mission does not fail again. Once the player extracts the data, enemies appear which need to be killed. As soon as that is done, the first new strange warframe’s quest is completed. 

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Final Words

This was the complete article on how to get the new strange quest for all those looking for a new strange warframe quest. If you have any questions related to warframe the new strange quest then let us know in the comments down below.

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