How To Make Kodi Auto Play Next Episode? | 7 Easy Steps To Follow

We all love to use Kodi and I am sure that i am not the only one who wants to know how to make kodi continuous play. Well, after a lot of research I finally found a way to make kodi continuous play. We have added a step by step guide to make kodi auto play so that you could enjoy your favorite shows with continuous live streaming and making kodi autoplay next episode.

To make kodi continuous play, you will have to follow these steps down below and once you are done, the autoplay will work.

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Make Kodi Auto Play 7 Easy Steps

  • Launch Kodi > Open Preffered Add-on > Select tools
  • Click on Setting: Playback
  • Click on Default action and select Auto Play
  • Now, Select General > Select Providers Timeout > Slide to Lowest setting (This will help in quick auto play)
  • Now Click Ok
  • Search for the content you want to watch > Right click on Title > Select Play From Here ( For Fire Tv Device hold the Select Button)
  • After the end of episode, the kodi autoplay next episode.

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These were the simple steps which will make kodi continuous play. Overall, Kodi is a great tool to watch our favorite series and with the kodi autoplay next episode feature, it makes it even more enjoyable. The advantage of auto play is it will allow you to binge watch your favorite series with ease. The disadvantage is the best stream might not be found at all time.

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How To Download Cody?

These are the ways with the help of which you can download Cody on different devices easily.

1. Download Cody on Windows

Click on this link to download Cody on Windows: Cody For Windows.

2. Download Cody on Android device

Simply search on Play store Cody> Click Install.

3. Download Cody on iPhone

Simply search on App Store Cody> Click Get.

4. Download Cody on Amazon Tv Firestick

To Download and install Cody on Amazon tv firestick you have to follow some simple steps. Here is a detailed guide to download and install Cody on Amazon tv firestick: 9 Easy Steps To Download And Install Kodi On Amazon Fire Tv Stick


We tried to put it as simple as possible for you to understand the process to kodi auto play. If you still have any questions in mind, you are welcome to put them in the comments.

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