How To *Outline Text* In 7 Easy Steps To Follow is a great tool which can be used for art work and editing. It is very easy to use instead of using photoshop to edit images and you can easily use simple functions to edit or draw any image in A lot of users are looking for how to outline text in It is an issue which lot of users are facing while using

You don’t have to worry as is a very reupdated software and it is very simple to use outline text. You just need to follow some simple steps to use outline text. In this article, we have added how to outline text in using few easy steps. Just remember to use the latest version of

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How To Outline Text In

Follow the step by step guide to use outline text:

  • Use text tool and create a text (Tap of letter T from menu to write and text) text
  • Now, click on the magic wand from the menu and use it to select a text (Use CTRL + click if want to use multiple texts) magic wand
  • Now select the green + sign icon from layers and make sure layer 2 is selected

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  • Further, Use Paint brush to fill your text with the color you want the text outline to be (Don’t worry it will not color your text) paint
  • Further, Select from menu Effects > Stylize > Outline outline text
  • A dialogue box will appear. Choose the thickness and intensity according to your preference

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  • After that, press S and click on screen. This will deselect the magic wand and the outline text will be done outline
  • That’s it, the process is complete

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These were the simple steps for how to outline text in You need to follow the step by step process provided above to simply do the outline text. I hope you found the article helpful and if you have any questions, mention them in the comments.

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