How To Turn Off Safe Mode In Outlook? 3 Easy Methods

How To Turn Off Safe Mode In Outlook? 3 Easy Methods

When the device has a problem which prevents it from running smoothly, then some major apps start functioning in safe mode. This leads us to how do i get outlook out of safe mode since outlook is no exception to this situation.

How do I get outlook out of safe mode?

outlook safe mode turn off

The outlook safe mode issue can get triggered by security updates at times. Especially if you are using outlook 2010. Then the issue will most likely be caused by the security update KB3114409. Let us look at the methods we can take if you are still wondering how to outlook safe mode turn off.

Method 1

For the outlook safe mode turn off, we must first disable add-ins.

This is a common issue with all versions of outlook. Certain add-ins create issues and slow outlook down prompting it to function in safe mode.

  • Reconfirm that outlook is running in safe mode then we have to outlook safe mode turn off.
  • Open the file menu and click on “Options”.
  • Locate add-ins and click on it. Then go to manage and subsequently select Add-ins from the list.
  • Disable all the add-ins.
  • Save and exit
  • Restart Outlook again. The outlook safe mode turn off should have happened but if not, check the next method. 

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Method 2

If you still thinking about how to turn off safe mode in outlook, then restore the OS using the system restore function. System restore is a feature of Windows that allows users to restore their computer to a previously saved state. If we can restore to a state before Outlook started failing, then we have the answer on how do I get outlook out of safe mode.

  • Press R while holding down the Windows Key.
  • Click OK after typing rstrui.exe.
  • Select Choose a different restore point and then Next in the System Restore window.
  • Toggle the box next to Show More Restore Points to the right.
  • Select a restore point and click on restore.
  • In some time, check to see if Outlook works after the restore is complete. If you do not have your answer on how do i get outlook out of safe mode then proceed to method 3.

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Method 3

You can get your answer on how to turn off safe mode in outlook by restoring the outlook version. If restoring your desktop operating system to a previous version did not work, then restoring outlook might answer your how to turn off safe mode in outlook question.

  • To find Outlook.exe, go to Start and type it in the search box.
  • Choose “Properties” from the context menu.
  • Then click to the Previous Versions tab. Click open.
  • Press R while holding down the Windows Key. Type “taskmgr” and click OK.
  • Locate the Process Tab and Outlook.exe.
  • Open file location.
  • Navigate to C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Office
  • Copy the previously copied file and paste it here. Try running it normally now.

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Final Words

These were the 3 methods with the help of which you can easily turn off safe mode in the Outlook. You can these methods and one of them will surely work for you. I hope you found this article helpful and if you have any questions you can mention them in the comments down below.

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