How to Write an Effective Marketing Proposal

As a marketer, you understand better than anyone the importance of how you present your ideas to a client. One of the factors that most influence a prospect’s decision as to whether they will hire someone to create their marketing strategy – is the marketing proposal they prepare for them. It’s what helps them form an opinion on you, and determine whether you are their best choice or not.

If the proposals you are developing aren’t bringing you the desired results, it can be discouraging. Mediocre marketing proposals are likely to cost you potential clients, and more than that they may badly influence your reputation. Conversely, if you present your proposals in a concise, professional, and interesting way, you will increase your chances of landing new clients and becoming successful

Use a Template

Marketers have to prepare countless proposals to convince clients to hire them, or decision-makers at their company to accept their strategy. On top of that, preparing a proposal can take hours, or sometimes even days. This is why it’s a good idea to have a marketing proposal template and customize it accordingly. 

Every marketing proposal you prepare will contain information that never changes – about your business, the services you provide, and so on. With a prepared template, you can have that part of the proposal ready. And thanks to that, once you finish your research, you will be able to complete any proposal faster. A marketing proposal template can make your task shorter and much more efficient. 

Be Concise and Informative

It’s not a secret that to get hired, you need to learn about your client’s problems, needs and know their plans and goals, and help them get there. Also, to be able to make a good proposal you need to understand the industry, learn about their competitors, etc. 

However, simply knowing all of that isn’t enough. Even with the best strategy in mind, if your marketing proposal fails to keep your client’s interest, if instead of convincing sounds confusing or vague, and if it isn’t concise, your client may walk away.

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Be Persuasive

With your marketing proposal, you should convince your client that you understand their business and their needs and that you have a clear plan to help them achieve their goals. In other words, they need to feel as if they are going to gain a new partner – someone who will help them become stronger and grow.  

1. Identify What’s Stopping Them

A persuasive proposal should outline what is it that keeps your client from achieving their goal. By clearly stating the obstacles, the challenges that need to be overcome, or the problems that need to be resolved – whether the client is aware of them or not – will show them that you truly know what you are doing and, most importantly, that you understand them.

2. Identify How to Overcome the Issue

What your client will be most interested in is the plan itself. Once you have identified the main challenges and problems, you need to find solutions ­– ones that are appropriate for their business and their situation. Next, you need to convey your message and your plan clearly, in a comprehensible way. This is the place where you present your actual plan and the timeline. Remember that without a good presentation all of this may be for nothing. 

3. Provide Pricing Information

Once the client knows that you know what they need, they know what you can do for them, and they trust that you have a good plan of action, they are going to need your pricing information. Make sure that you don’t miss anything, that it’s readable and that it can be easily understood. 

Make the Proposal Visually Appealing

Everyone knows that even if you are selling the best products if you don’t present them nicely, people may walk right by them. We say that we shouldn’t judge the book by its covers but – we all do. And we often decide whether we like something or not in a few seconds

So, while the content is much more important than anything else, it’s crucial that the proposal you provide looks good, regardless of the format you choose. Make sure that it isn’t too flashy or too cluttered but rather clean and well-organized. 

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Final Thoughts

Simply put, to be effective, a marketing proposal should clearly show your clients that you know what you are doing. This means that it should be professional, it should clearly express your findings and your plans and it should look good. 

Also, keep in mind that the proposal you prepare should not only convince your clients that you are the right one to help them achieve their goals, but also that you truly care about the outcome of your collaboration.

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