Important Elements of Visual Merchandising

Important Elements of Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is a retail business concept whose aim is to improve the aesthetic appeal of a store or product. This helps in capturing or grabbing the attention of customers and causes them to buy a product.

It means that if you would like to increase your sales, then you would make your store or products as attractive as possible to attract customers.

It can be difficult to come up with great visual displays, especially if you are financially constrained or artistically challenged. 

However, there are five elements that should not be missed in any visual merchandising process. The good news is that implementing them doesn’t require much effort or a lot of resources.

1. Color is King

Colour is crucial when it comes to breaking visual displays. You can come up with great displays but if the colors don’t coordinate properly, the display won’t be appealing. Try to use contrasting colors such as black and white.

Sometimes people ignore the power of color and its ability to grasp attention. It is important to choose colors that easily attract your stores and products. That’s one of the best ways to bring in new customers.

2. Come up with a visual marketing focal point

There are certain questions you should ask yourself when you decide to use visuals as a marketing technique. Where do your customer’s eyes focus on the display? Do their eyes shift towards a particular location of the display? Or do they get confused about where to look? You should create a focal point or hotspot to attract the eyes.

Start by examining your display from the point of view of a customer right from the top, sides, and bottom. In most cases, the focal point is placed too high for clients to see.

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3. Merchandising tells a story

Don’t just create a display for the sake of it. Tell customers what’s there for them. You can do this by using a powerful display that showcases the advantage of purchasing a particular product. 

For example, create three or four bullet points that explain why customers should buy your product or how that product will change their lives.

But it is also fine if a display lacks an education sign or doesn’t contain any wording provided there is a story. This can be done in the form of graphics that tell a particular story.

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4. Expose customers to as many merchandising materials as possible

The more merchandising products customers see, the more likely they will buy them. Try to use a circular store layout. This is because it gives customers greater exposure to merchandise compared to conventional isles.

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5. Proper use of empty space

There is always a lot of space in most retail stores that is not properly used. This is the part between the displayed merchandise and the ceiling. In case this space is empty, you need to start using it.

Visual merchandising is one of the best marketing strategies. All you need to do is ensure that all the above-mentioned elements are included to get the most out of this method. According to Lightspeed, it should appeal to the 5 senses to get the maximum benefit. 

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