Is Gaming More Beneficial or Harmful?

Computer games are firmly entrenched in our lives, taking pride of place among the many ways to organize the youth recreation. Virtual reality beckons with its limitless possibilities, and computer entertainment industry every year presents gamers all the new and new games, from which you simply can not refuse. 

However, everyone is trumpeting about the dangers of computer games. Especially the issue of gaming addiction worries parents whose children spend all their free time at the monitor. What are the dangers of computer games and can they be useful?

Gaming harm

The main danger that computer games pose is the emergence of game addiction. This is a real mental disorder that requires the help of a qualified doctor and the support of relatives and friends.

The harm of computer games is especially noticeable for children, among whom teenagers are a special risk group. Their fragile psyche succumbs to the negative influence of games in a matter of days, and the problem of how to tear the child away from the computer becomes acute for parents. In addition, children, unlike adults, do not know the measure and feel the sense of time worse – it seems to them that they spent only a few minutes at the computer, while several hours have passed.

However, the harm of computer games affects adults as well. By the way, computer games, along with drinking and adultery, has become one of the most popular causes of divorce in young families. Game addiction becomes the cause of family breakdown, problems at work, leads to depression and loneliness.

Speaking about the dangers of computer games for children and adults, it is worth noting that various shooters, rovers, fliers and races are especially dangerous in this regard.

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What are the dangers of shooters? 

This is the most dangerous type of games, because the game addiction caused by them, accompanied by aggressiveness and spite. And no wonder – hours of shooting people in the virtual world is unlikely to become the kindest of soul man.

And, of course, dangerous in terms of the above-mentioned material waste are computer games online.

In addition, constant sitting at the computer can cause negative consequences: the vision deteriorates, there will be problems with excess weight and the musculoskeletal system, and the hands will become leaky. 

The benefits of computer games

Do you still believe after all these readings that there can be benefits from computer games? It turns out that it really can be!

First of all, you should pay attention to the types of computer games that contribute to the development of intelligence, logic, attention, memory and other qualities. These are different logical games and puzzles. A special place among these games are strategies. These games do not require high attention, speed, eye strain. They are measured and designed for long periods of time. They can be interrupted at any time without the risk of being killed or eaten.

As expert and cheap essay writers report, certain types of video games can improve brain performance on a narrow set of tasks. A number of studies have also shown their effectiveness in second language acquisition, math and science learning. This is potentially good news for students and learners, as well as the millions of people who love to play or can’t stop doing it.

There are a number of educational computer games for very young children from 3 to 5 years. They teach your baby letters and numbers, will introduce the world of animals and plants, have a beneficial effect on the development of the emotional sphere, contribute to the development of manual skills (manipulation of the joystick, mouse and keyboard), visual memory, and musical hearing.

The benefits of computer games are also obvious for younger schoolchildren. A lot of educational games have been developed for them that will help deepen their knowledge in a particular area, teach them how to act in various situations, contribute to the formation of perseverance, concentration, attentiveness.

With computer games you can unobtrusively teach your child foreign languages, to sharpen his knowledge in a particular subject, to develop the “lame” qualities and abilities. Of course, the computer does not have to be the only source of development of your child. Books, developing board games, designers, puzzles, and, of course, parental attention and affection as an indispensable companion to all activities are still relevant 

That’s why the direct duty of parents is do not forbid your child to interact with the computer, thereby causing offence and aggression.

And for an adult there is a benefit of computer games, “consumed” in moderation. This is a good way to relax after a hard day’s work, get away from the everyday hustle and bustle, “move your brain.” As in the case of children, a kind of game is important here and the time that is given to it. From 1-2 hours a day spent in computer worlds, nothing bad will happen. Harm and benefits of computer games.

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Bottom line

What do we have in the end? As it turns out, it all depends on a sense of proportion and the type of game. Virtual reality should not occupy all of your free time, it should not provoke him to violence, to develop his aggression and spite. It should be just one of the options for recreation, along with sports, walks in the fresh air, reading books, watching movies, meeting with friends…

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