Is Hargray Internet Cheap?  Here Is All You Need to Know! 

Is Hargray Internet Cheap?  Here Is All You Need to Know! 

Hargray Communications is one of the best mid-sized providers in the country. It offers fiber optic, cable, and DSL internet services to its users. However, the connection type hugely depends on what is available at a particular location. Its fiber-optic services are available to an estimated 183,000 people, while the cable is accessible to 348,000 people.

While large providers like Spectrum and Xfinity have excellently large coverage areas, Hargray only offers services across 4 states. This makes it a local provider in many areas, where it can focus carefully on its customers and provide services accordingly. 

You must utilize the online ZIP tool to learn what services Hargray has to offer in your area from BuyTVInternetPhone.

There are various internet speed tiers that you can choose from. Its lowest speed tier starts from 200 Mbps, so you can enjoy seamless internet for online activities like media sharing and video conferences. Other than internet services, you can also enjoy TV and phone services, and bundle these three together to get the maximum value. 

While high-speed internet, affordable plans, and lots of other privileges are a reality with Hargray Communications, many people are still confused about whether it’s worth the money. So, here is a quick overview of Hargray internet prices, customer reviews, and plans’ features. By the end of this read, you will be able to answer the big question; Is Hargray internet cheap? 

Hargray Internet Plans and Prices

Hargray internet is probably one of the best internet services you can opt for many different types of usages. Its gigabit plan is ideal for family homes, where you use the internet for streaming, gaming, and attending online classes. Meanwhile, the lower speed tier plans are so much more affordable, and still offer enough internet speeds to allow casual streaming decent upload speeds. 

It is important to know all about Hargray internet plans and prices, so you can make an informed decision. Following are the Hargray internet plans that you can choose from. For further information and assistance, you can get the best help from a trained expert at Hargray customer service.

Internet plansPriceDownload speedUpload speedBest for
Internet 200$55/mo. for 12 mos.200 Mbps20 MbpsBinge streaming, basic gaming, HD video calls
Internet 300$65/mo. for 12 mos.300 Mbps30 MbpsHD gaming, downloading medium-sized files 
Internet 500$75/mo. for 12 mos.500 Mbps50 MbpsGreat for sharing media files, streaming music, videos, and games simultaneously 
Internet 1000$115/mo. for 12 mos.1000 Mbps50 Mbps4K streaming, 4K gaming, HD calls, quick downloads and uploads, multiple devices in large families 

How Should You Choose Your Internet Provider?

Whether it is Hargray or any other ISP, there are many factors you must take into consideration when choosing an ISP. Don’t rush it when you are making the choice, because this decision will remain with you for probably the next 1 or 2 years, depending on if you’ve signed a term contract. And nobody wants to get stuck with a glitchy internet for that long! 

So, let’s discuss a few things you need to do before choosing an internet provider for your household. 

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Understand Your Internet Needs

You will be able to filter through the long list of ISPs once you know what you need. You must understand what type of internet suits your usage. 

Second, consider the speeds that you require. Don’t forget that higher internet speeds mean higher prices. Are you sure you need that gigabit speed? Can you settle for lesser speeds but still be able to meet all your online connectivity needs? 

Thirdly, consider what kind of bandwidth your household requires. If there are multiple users in your home using the internet simultaneously, try to look for fiber internet plans so shared bandwidth is not an issue. If fiber is not available, then high-speed cable will also work. 

Lastly, ask yourself whether you would be needing the internet only for downloading stuff (most of the time) or for uploading too. This way, you will only be going through internet plans that have decent upload speeds. Many providers do not offer enough upload speeds but great download speeds, you will be able to choose aptly if you go through all these factors and just know exactly what you want. Also, this is a great way to shield yourself from any kind of manipulation or snare by any ISP! 

Do Your Research

Selecting an internet provider for your home is not an easy task, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s like finding a good milkman, making sure he is not late, delivers good quality milk, and doesn’t scam you for some extra bucks. Therefore, a little effort in researching the available internet providers in your area goes a long way. And with websites like BuyTVInternetPhone, it shouldn’t be that difficult for you to analyze and compare the prices, speeds, plans, bundles, and much more offered by various ISPs.

So, if you are selecting an internet provider for your home and don’t want to make any mistakes, do your research. Surf through the search engines and find what options are available in your neighborhood. Check out the different plans that catch your eye. Compare the prices. Do not hesitate in speaking to their customer service and ask all that you need to know. This little shopping spree will definitely be worth it when you finally land on the most suitable, the best internet provider of all! 

Consider the Data Allowance

Here is one thing you need to keep in mind about cheap internet plans—it is highly likely that the plan has capped data. It’s not black and white, this is not to say that every internet plan with limited data will be cheap or vice versa. But this is how it works most of the time. 

So, if you are looking for cheap internet, inquire about the data allowance and see if it meets your needs. Don’t forget to check out the data overage fees that might end up on your monthly bill, leaving you shocked to your core. 

Additionally, a limited data allowance means you will not be able to enjoy good speeds and unlimited access. It is barely ever the case that you use all of your data allowance (that is at least more than 20 GB in most cases). 

Check Customer Reviews

Nothing is going to give you the true picture of your ISP like real customer reviews will. The internet is packed with resources and platforms that have verified customer reviews. These are from legitimate customers or users of the ISP. People use the internet to share their experiences, good and bad, openly. 

However, one thing to be wary of is that you might see more negative remarks than positive ones. The reason behind this is human nature. People barely ever appreciate or acknowledge good internet service so loudly. But will highlight the negative aspects very loudly. An unsatisfied customer is much more likely to report the incident than a satisfied one. So there may be this slight bias over there! 

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What Do the Customers Have to Say about Hargray Internet?

There are several platforms that you can use to get some real feedback and understanding of how Hargray internet is. Here are some of the most reliable platforms you can use to check Hargray internet customer reviews:

Customer reviews on Yelp showed that the reliability of Hargray internet varied across different locations. However, no major outages or concerns with the internet speeds were reported. A lot of customers appreciated the installation expert that visited them and their courtesy to resolve every issue. Elderly people were also very comfortable with the professional installation, as all their questions were diligently answered. 

The majority of the reviews on Reddit were from people who had limited options of internet service providers in their area. This is why they had to opt for Hargray Communications. However, even with limited options, they were able to enjoy the exact speeds the provider promised them. Some of the reviews were from people who were loyal customers of Hargray services for over 5 years! This reflected the quality services that this ISP had to offer. 

One recurring complaint that was seen across various platforms was regarding poor tech and customer support. But again, the majority of the ISPs in America outsource their customer services, leading to a communication and understanding gap between the sales rep and the customer. 

Even though there are very limited reviews published on this website, they are still reliable because the publisher verifies and filters through the reviews. Therefore, only the helpful ones make it to the page. One of the IP-verified reviews showed that Hargray’s internet speeds are reliable. Customers get the speeds they are actually paying for. 

The Hidden Costs of Hargray Internet

Equipment Fee 

Every internet provider has the option of providing you with internet equipment such as a modem and a router. However, there is a monthly rental fee that comes included in your bill. With Hargray internet, you must pay a monthly fee of $10.50. You can avoid this fee by using your own modem or router too. 

Installation Fee

Once you subscribe to Hargray internet service, you will have to install the internet in your home. For that, you could get a professional installation, or choose self-installation. For professional setup, a one-time fee of up to $99 will be charged.  

Data Overage Fee

Data overage fees are charged when your internet plan comes with capped data. With Hargray internet plans, you don’t have to worry about this fee as all data allowances are unlimited. This is one of the many reasons why Hargray internet prices are such a huge hit since the plans come with unlimited data access. 

Late Payment Fee

This fee is largely variable. Hargray charges a late bill payment fee depending on the highest amount allowed by law. Therefore, this late fee can vary hugely depending on your billing and the laws in the area you reside in. 

Don’t Forget Taxes and Surcharges 

The basic price for the internet plan includes things like the modem rental and the installation fees, there are some external charges that you might also want to know about. These charges do not go into the pockets of your ISP. Also, the ISP does not have control over these prices, since these are government-imposed prices that qualify as taxes and surcharges. Taxes and surcharges may vary from area to area, however, some general taxes and surcharges that you might have to pay with your basic internet bill include:

  1. Local/State Communications Services Tax
  2. Sales Tax
  3. Regulatory Recovery Fee
  4. Telecommunications Infrastructure Maintenance Fee
  5. Local E911 Tax

Prices after the Promo Period 

There is a high chance that the ISP you are choosing is quoting a promo price for whichever plan you have asked for. This promo price is for a particular period of time, such as for 12 months. After this period, you will be charged a much higher price. You must learn about the price hikes from a knowledgeable individual at Hargray customer service

Final Verdict 

Hargray clearly has some amazing internet deals to offer to its customers in 4 states. Although the availability is limited, it still has some of the most reliable internet services in those handful of areas. Its wide range of connection types and speed tiers starting from 200 Mbps suit the needs of multiple types of users! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs

  1. Can I Use My Own Router with Hargray?

Yes, you can use your own compatible modem or router with Hargray internet. 

  1. What Speeds Do I Need for Gaming?

Depending on the number of users connected to the internet, the speed requirements for gaming can vary. Generally, 10 to 25 Mbps should be sufficient for high-resolution gaming (single-person use). 

  1. What Type of Internet Is Hargray? 

Depending on location, Hargray provides fiber, cable, and DSL internet services.

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