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kickass Torrent eBooks | 8 Best Alternatives To Kickass Torrents

What is torrenting? 

Torrenting is a way in which one can download all sorts of content like books, movies, tv shows, applications etc., for free. Millions of people use torrents every day and the number is increasingly growing. A torrent file is a computer file that includes details about the files and directories that are going to be distributed. It is usually a list of tracker network sites, which are computers that assist system users. When uploading a video torrent, for example, the ‘torrent file’ contains all of the necessary information to obtain the movie.

Is downloading from torrents legal?

Without first receiving permission from the original publishing company, it is exceedingly difficult to gain access to all proprietary material such as videos, games, songs, and softwares. Piracy is considered a felony.

A virtual private network (VPN) is used in a number of countries to conceal the original user’s IP address from others, thus protecting you from being caught and fined. Furthermore, once various authorities discover DNS or a search engine, they are compelled to shut down. Torrenting is unquestionably illegal because it is unregulated, and it allows multiple torrenting DNS and search engines to replace it.

Downloading content from torrents, on the other hand, are not illegal. As long as the content is not copyrighted, torrents may be used to download it. However, if the content being shared around is copyrighted, then it is definitely illegal.

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What do we need to do, to download from torrents?

Softwares such as Utorrents etc., which can read the magnet link of the torrent file are required to download content. It is fantastic as it directly lifts data from the source. It shows you the amount of seeders and leechers with the approximate time it will take the software to download your required content. The best part of softwares such as Utorrents is that, it is not necessary to only use desktops or laptops to download content. The files being downloaded can even be accessed elsewhere. 

Kickass Torrents

Kickass torrents came under scrutiny from various government agencies as they were very popular for sharing pirated content like books, games, software applications, movies etc. It was majorly used for downloading books by people who loved reading them. If you are looking to perform a kickass torrent books download, then you may need to look elsewhere because sometimes even VPNs cannot access this website. Luckily for you, we have prepared a list of many alternatives to help you find the book you need.

The top torrent websites for alternatives to kickasstorrent books are as follows:

1. Torlock

Torlock is among the top alternatives for one to download kickass torrents ebooks. This is an ever expanding website with over 5 million torrents to choose and download from as they are known not only for providing ebooks, but also movies, television shows etc. Ebooks here are available in all languages making it a really great website to perform a kickass torrent books download.

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2. Thepiratebay

Piratebay is one of the top websites for books if one cannot access kickass torrents ebooks. Books here are available aplenty in all languages. Not only books, but here,  one can even download videos, songs, apps, and television shows from its library. Thus, it is an amazing website to download all the content you need, especially the kickass torrent ebooks. 

3. iDope

iDope is a very safe to use torrenting website to download kickass torrents ebooks. They refer to themselves as a tribute to kickass torrents. The best part about this website that they do not allow any trackers to track you. Thus, making it safe to find the kickasstorrent books you need. 

4. 1337x

1337x is one of the top websites to download kickasstorrent books. It is one of the most popular torrent websites to currently exist. They keep changing their domain names as Google blocks them every time they resurface. Some of the elite content uploaders of the world post their data here, so it is safe website for all users. Thus, this is also a top website to perform a kickass torrent books download.

5. Zooqle

Zooqle has one of the most user-friendly interfaces of any torrent website. The website offers a huge selection of not only books, but also movies, television shows etc., for users to download. It has a large number of loyal users who seem to be increasing at a steady pace over time. Thus, this is a great website to perform a kickass torrent books download.

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Best websites to read Ebooks

Alternatively, apart from torrenting, there are several websites as well, where one can download alternatives to kickass torrents ebooks for free. They are:

1. EbookShare

Another torrent website that focuses exclusively on ebooks. This is where you can find all of the classic novels. The website hosts all the latest book releases. Here, you can also search for books by genre. Additionally, both this and the kickasstorrent books website have a simple interface that helps the seeker to easily find books of interest. Thus, we would recommend this to downloading all of your kickasstorrent books.

2. FreeEbookSpot

This is a site dedicated solely to kickass torrent books. On FreeEbookSpot, you can find kickass torrent ebooks in over 90 categories. Almost any kind of EBook can be found on this website. There is a free registration process to download kickass torrent books and once you complete it, you will be able to download EBooks. The most popular genres here are science, fiction, engineering and programming. Thus, it is a great website for downloading kickass torrent books.

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3. IsoHunt

One of the greatest websites for downloading kickass torrents ebooks, IsoHunt has been around for over a decade. Isohunt offers a diverse collection of EBooks for both casual and serious readers in many genres. But, since it is blocked in many countries, it is wise to use a VPN to access the website with ease. Thus, it is still a great alternative to find kickass torrents ebooks.


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