Kik For PC: 2 Ways To Use Kik Messenger On Windows 10/8/7 (Easy Steps To Follow)

There are a lot of people who wonder if kik for pc is available or not. Well, you will be glad to know that kik messenger for pc is available and you can also use chrome extension for kik. In this article, we have added how you can download kik for windows and further use kik on pc.

Kik is a messenger app which is widely used on both android as well as iPhone. You can easily download it from your play store or app store and use it on your mobile device. This application is very similar to other messaging apps like WhatsApp and telegram. Kik was developed in 2010 by a Canadian company. It is a great app with some unique features but first lets see how to download kik messenger for pc and use kik on Pc.

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How To Download Kik For Windows Pc

To use Kik for pc their are many processes which you can follow. The best way to download kik for windows is to use emulators. Although, their are other ways to use kik messenger for pc like chrome extensions. Now lets see how you can use kik for pc using an emulator.

Here we have added the process of downloading and installing the emulator with which you can use kik on pc. The android emulator we are going to use to download and use kik on pc is Bluestacks emulator.

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1. Download and Use kik on Pc with Android Emulator

To download Kik for pc and use it with the help of Android Emulator follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Download Blustacks Emulator from here: Emulator
  • Once downloaded, install Bluestacks Emulator on Pc
  • Open the Bluestacks Emulator and set up the Emulator
  • Go to Play Store in Emulator and Download and install Kik
  • Once done, sign in or log in into kik and enjoy

These were the simple steps with the help of which you will be able to use kik for windows.

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2. Install Crome Extension for Kik

You can also install crome extension for kik in few simple steps. Crome extension is also a great way to use kik in pc. Just follow these simple steps to use chrome extension for kik:

  • Click on the 3 dots in top right corner of Crome browser
  • Go to More Tools > Click on Extensions
  • Click on 3 bars in top left corner and then click on open Crome web store
  • Now search for Kik Extension
  • Add the extension and sign up or log into kik.
  • Use it as per your need.

These were the simple steps to use kik crome extension.

Note: Sometimes Kik Crome extension gets removed from Crome web store and you might not find it. You can wait for few days until it shows again.

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Features of Kik Messenger on Pc

Kik has a lot of amazing features and same goes for kik messenger on computer. Here we have added the top features of kik messeger on computer:

  • Not telephone number is shared or needed to signup for Kik account.
  • You can select whom you can show your profile and to whom you don’t want.
  • You can also easily block or unclog any contact on kik.
  • Options for group chats, live to type, chat checklist, sharing multimedia, customizable chat, close friends are also available in this app.
  • A feature named Robot Shop is available in kik with which you can take help of autobots in the app to get help in purchasing any products.
  • You can also get help of autobots to play games and subscrible to any information like weather report, time etc.

These were some of the great features that are available to use in kik app for computer as well. You can use the app on pc and enjoy using all these features as well.


This was the complete in details article of how you can use the kik app on computer. You can easily follow the simple steps mentioned above to use the kik app on computer using emulator or by using a crome extesion for this app. I hope this article was helpful to you and if you any questions regaring this app, you can mention them in the comments.

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