23 Best New Kisscartoon Alternative Websites And Kisscartoon Proxy List

Kisscartoon is an amazing website where one can stream different anime series, movies and cartoons from all over the world, in full HD for free. The best part about Kisscartoon is that it can be accessed from almost any device without a web browser. The content is organized making it easier to select what you wish to watch. However, the original Kisscartoon shut down a long time ago and in its place, various other lookalikes have popped up. Thus, people are unsure about using it. However, we have made a list of Kisscartoon alternatives to help you watch your favourite shows in the best available quality.

Kisscatoon Proxy List

No.Proxy Status
9KissCartoon Proxy Working

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23 Kisscartoon Alternative Websites

1. Toonova

Website: http://www.toonova.net/

Toonova is among the best Kisscartoon alternatives. The reason being is that firstly, it is free. Secondly, it has a very simple interface. This makes it easy even for kids to use without any difficulty. Toonova can be used to watch cartoons, daily series, full movies as well. The best thing about Toonova is that there are no advertisements which makes it a hassle free website to browse as there are no distractions and safe for kids to use without supervision.

2. Omgflix

Website: https://omgflix.org/

Omgflix is an exciting alternative to Kisscartoon me as it is free and streams content in high quality HD. Not only can one watch anime and cartoons, one can also watch other regular shows and full movies for free without any advertisements making it a great kisscartoon alternative.

3. KissAnimes

Website: https://kissanime.com.ru/

While the original KissAnime website shut down due to piracy concerns, KissAnimes has popped up which is also one of the Kisscartoon alternatives. This website is mainly dedicated to anime lovers as it streams high quality episodes of all the anime series in various formats from 240p to 1080p HD quality for free. They also have various genres to choose from. Here, one can watch anime with English Subtitles or English dub as per their preference.

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4. Toonjet

Website: http://www.toonjet.com/

Toonjet is similar to the kisscartoon websites as it allows for streaming anime series, cartoons and anime movies for free without requiring one to register to use their services. It is specifically designed with a simple interface aimed at children, thus making it a children friendly website for them to use on their own. 

5. Kim cartoon

Website: https://kimcartoon.li/

If you are searching for new options for Kisscartoon me, this is the one for you. Kimcartoon is a well-known website where you can watch free cartoons and series. One does not need to register to use its services. Not only can it be used for streaming anime series and movies online, one can even download them at various resolutions from 240p to 1080p HD. It has an easy interface designed for kids to use safely. Thus it is a good alternative to Kisscartoon.

6. Watchseries

Read: https://www4.watchseries.ninja/

Watchseries is similar to Kisscartoon websites, which is known not only for its anime series and cartoons, but also for its large collection of other movies and television shows of various genres without spending a single rupee. Since it has a high bandwidth, buffering remains at a minimum and it loads quickly. 

7. Nyaa

Website: https://nyaatorrent.com/

Nyaa is among the top Kisscartoon websites which allows users to browse through different genres of anime which suits their style. Once they make a decision, they can download a torrent magnet in various resolution formats like 720p, 1080 HD as well as 3D quality. The torrents here have many seeders so once can download their favourite series in a few minutes. This makes it a unique alternative to Kisscartoon.

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8. Crunchyroll

Website: https://www.crunchyroll.com/

Crunchyroll is a freemium anime streaming service based out of the USA. They claim to have the largest database of anime series available with them in several languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, French etc making them one of the best Kisscartoon alternatives. The free version has advertisements, and only has limited access. One can have a 14 day free trial of Crunchyroll’s premium services before having to purchase it for 7.99$ a month. Since it is a legal website, it has a fixed domain and directly supports the anime industry. 

9. Funimation

Website: https://www.funimation.com/

Funimation is one of the alternatives to Kisscartoon me to stream anime and movies. It is a premium service which offers over 10,000 episodes in 1080p HD quality. You can watch a limited amount of episodes ad-free in their library. Once the free trial ends, one will have to purchase the premium or premium plus package for 5.99$ or 7.99$ respectively, every month. It is a great website to watch Anime dubbed in the English language. Overall, it is a great Kisscartoon alternative.

10. Disney Now

Website: https://disneynow.com/

Disney Now is one of the most exciting kisscartoon alternatives for children to watch cartoons on. It supports everything Disney such as Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney XD TV shows plus an exciting array of movies and games for children to choose from. It is a freemium service, which means that only a select number of shows can be watched for free after which subscription is necessary especially if one wants to access the entire library. 

11. Nickelodeon

Website: https://www.nick.tv/

Being a free and legal source of cartoons and movies, Nickelodeon is a the perfect alternative to Kisscartoon websites. Not only can cartoons and shows can be watched on high resolutions on their website, they even have an app. To make it more exciting for children, it has an interactive interface and also a lot of games. For those who subscribe to television packages, it can even be watched on TV for free as well thus making it an exciting Kisscartoon alternative. 

12. Toonget

Website: http://www.toonget.net

Toonget is also among the best kisscartoon alternatives. It enables users to watch famous animes and cartoons in high-definition video quality. Here, users can even watch anime dubbed in English, read Manga etc. The most exciting part is that it is free of cost to use. 

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13. Cartoons On

Website: https://www.cartoonson.net/

This website is also one of the best alternatives to Kisscartoon me. Ad free and registration free, Cartoons On is considered one of the top websites to watch classic cartoons online. What makes this website very exciting is that shows can be streamed on almost all devices like your phone, laptops, Macs etc. 

14. Anime Dao

Website: https://animedao.to/

It is one of the best alternatives to Kisscartoon for watching cartoons and anime series online. Currently, it is one of the best websites available to watch anime in terms of the video quality, minimalistic interface etc. It requires no registration and content is available for free of cost. 

15. Anime Toon

Website: http://www.animetoon.org

Anime Toon is also one of the best kisscartoon alternatives. It is a very popular website available for free of cost to its users. Apart from Animes and cartoons, one can also watch movies across various genres as they have a huge library. Apart from that, one can even watch Korean Dramas on it. Most shows are available in HD quality making it a good Kisscartoon alternative.

16. 123animes.mobi

Website: https://123animes.mobi/

Among the new kisscartoon alternatives, Watch Anime Dubs is emerging as a very popular resource to watch cartoons and anime online. It has a beautifully designed interface which can be used by children and adults alike. A reliable and free to use website, users do not have to register to use this service. They claim to have over 11000+ anime series in their library. One can stream their favourite shows across various genres in dub and sub in HD quality. 

17. Anime Planet

Website: https://www.anime-planet.com/

Anime Planet is a free to use website which is completely legal and supports the Anime Industry. The way it works is, users can fund it via Patreon and this way they buy the licence to anime series and movies allowing users to watch it for free. Apart from Anime, it also hosts Manga. They have over 45000 anime titles in their library making it an amazing alternative to Kisscartoon websites. 

18. Anime Lab

Website: https://www.animelab.com/

Anime Lab is a legal and freemium service which streams anime series and simulcasts directly from Japan. Regardless of whether you choose the free or paid service, you will have to sign up to access the library. The difference between the free and paid service is firstly, the quality of the show which varies vastly. Secondly, one can only stream on their pc for free, whereas paying subscribers can stream on their phones as well. Thirdly, free users only get access to a limited database whereas paid users can access the entire library which includes movies. This is one of the top alternatives to Kisscartoon.

19. B98.TV

Website: https://www.b98.tv/

B98.TV is one of the best type of Kisscartoon websites for users who feel nostalgic about cartoons from the 90’s. These cartoons are not hosted on many websites these days and it is hard to find them. B98 has a vast collection of those cartoons which users can stream for free in HD quality without having to register. It does not take much time to buffer and it starts playing the episode within seconds as it has a good bandwidth. 

20. Cartoon Crazy

Website: https://www1.cartooncrazy.net/?m

Cartoon crazy is also a great alternative to Kisscartoon for viewing cartoons and anime series. It has a unique and simple user interface and it is also safe for children to use without adult supervision. Here, one can watch upto 25000 different anime series and shows for free in both DUB and SUB HD spread across various genres. One does not need to register to use the website.

21. Cartoon Network

Website: https://www.cartoonnetworkhq.com/

For over two decades, Cartoon Network has been one of the most extensively used, popular websites to watch old and new cartoons on thus making it one of the best Kisscartoon alternative. While it is available as a part of TV packages, it is also possible to watch on the website where they offer games as well as free cartoons for children to watch. The interface is safe and absolutely children friendly, making it possible for them to watch their favourite shows without adult supervision. It is possible to watch cartoons for free here.

22. TinyZoneTV

Website: https://tinyzonetv.to/

TinyZoneTV is one of the new Kisscartoon alternatives where not only can one watch free anime series and cartoons, one can also watch other movies and shows from all over the world as well. It has a simple interface, has Chromecast support and is mobile-friendly as well thus making it an ideal website to use on the go without having to register. 

23. Watchepisodes.unblockninja.com

Website: Watchepisodes.unblockninja.com

Watchepisodes is also an exciting alternatives to kisscartoon with an easy to use interface. Their library not only has a large collection of anime and cartoon series to stream, it also hosts other movies and television shows from all around the world.

Final Words

We have provided you with an enormous list of Kisscartoon alternatives where you can watch your favourite anime series, shows, movies, cartoons and even read manga. Most of the alternative Kisscartoon websites are free and you do not have to register. A lot of them stream their videos in HD quality. Some of the websites which have premium services directly support the anime industry and it is worth considering supporting them as well as they have the option to watch shows in SUB and DUB HD, and also download episodes to watch on the go.

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