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Top 10 Longest Snapchat Streaks of All Time

Did you know? Streaks is an amazing feature provided by Snapchat. How do streaks get created? Streaks are made when two friends on Snapchat send snaps consecutively. The streak grows longer the longer they transmit snaps to each other. Let us find out about the longest Snapchat Streaks for all those wondering what’s the highest streak on snapchat.

The longest Snapchat Streak of 2020:  The question usually pops up in our minds about what the longest Snapchat Streak story is? What is the world record set for it? Who has made this record of longest streak story?  If you are concerned with all these questions, then let me tell you that this article will answer them all the questions. The article will tell you everything about the longest Snapchat Streak Story. What’s more, you will also come to know about the Top 10 longest Snap streak and also the rewards and limits associated with it. Let’s get started.

About Snapchat streak


Since the very launch of Snapchat, it has become the most trendy and convenient ways of communication between friends. It is most popular among the younger generation who love to send each other snaps in the form of photos and videos. With time, Snapchat has become a household name all over the world.

On adding your contacts as friends on Snapchat, you will be able to make streaks with them when you send each other a snap every single day without fail. By default, the heart emoji indicates with whom you have Snap streaks going on. You can also change the emoji to something else if you want. Regularly sending snaps will conserve the streak and you might be on the way to make your highest snap streak!

Snapchat being a social tool, it helps connect friends and people all over the world. Nowadays, Snap streaks are trending as a healthy competition among friends. The longer you maintain the streaks with a person, the longer and meaningful social relationship you have with them. Creating long streaks with plenty of friends will help you build your Snapchat score. The Snap score keeps on increasing as your streaks get higher every day. People try to use this feature to their benefit to try to become winners of the year.

People might also check if you have a lengthy streak with someone you want to learn snapchat with, and this might become an issue. This article will describe about the highest snap streak made on Snapchat in 2020. 

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Start of Snapchat Streaks

what is the highest streak on snapchat

Snapchat had launched this feature on April 5th, 2015 and since then, everyone has been trying to create the highest snap streak since then. However, it is reported that on the day the feature was released, people had a 12-day streak, implying that the feature was actually released twelve days before the announcement date on the sixth. The same day many other features like best buddies and emojis’ were introduced in the app much to the delight of the snapchat users.  Knowing the date of launch will make you aware about how long snap streaks are possible and also figure out when someone is lying. Now, let’s move to what’s the highest streak on snapchat.

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What is the highest streak on Snapchat? 

longest snap streak

On April 2015, the streak function was introduced and it has been 513 days since then. The list of the highest streak on Snapchat provided in the list below. For all those wondering what is the highest streak on Snapchat, Till 2020, the longest snap streak is of 1501+ days so far. The highest snap streaks till 2020 are mentioned below:

Top 10 longest Snapchat streaks in the world: 

  1. Patrick and Ryan, 1501+ days. 
  2. Francesca and Rachel, 1401+ days. 
  3. Josie and Em, 1350+ days. 
  4. Jayden and Ashley 1344+ days. 
  5. Miriam and Alyssa, 1342+ days. 
  6. Sarah and Patrick, 1341+ days. 
  7. Daniel and Mayra, 1329+ days. 
  8. Andrew and Amber, 1326+ days. 
  9. Sean and Mike, 1314+ days. 
  10. Kiele and Nicole, 1312+ days.

Ways to achieve the highest streak on Snapchat

Did you know, it is not that difficult to extend a Snapchat streak.  It is basically the number of snaps two people have sent each other in a row. Once you get familiar with the rules of streaks, setting up a streak record is not a challenge.  The real problem arises when you forget to send a snap to the friend. In that case, your streak breaks. Then, both you and your friend will have to start all over again! Teamwork is necessary!

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How to maintain your streaks? 

snap streak
  • We know that the contact list appears according to the first letter of your contact’s name. If you want your friends to appear on the top of the list, add ‘A’ before their name. Hence, your friends name and you streak will be displayed on the top and you will not forget to snap them every day. Also, this way will also enable you to snap much faster in just a few taps. 
  • Setting reminders on your phone will also serve the purpose. You can set up to two daily reminders to snap your buddies. This will prevent your streak from breaking and keep it going indefinitely. 
  •  In order to maintain you Snap streak, you must adhere to the Snapchat time zone. This time zone allows you to send up to two snaps each day keeping a gap of 10 hours. 

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Final Words

This was the complete article on what is the highest streak on snapchat. Sending snap streaks a is an entertaining and a healthy way of competition between social peers. It is fun for users to keep in touch with their friends especially when they cannot meet each other every day. With streaks, the closest buddies can see what is happening in each other’s lives. 

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