Network Security: Tips & Management

For everyone who embraces the advancement in technology, you also need to be ready to manage the challenges that come with it. Though it is assumed that only corporation bodies are victims of attacks, unfortunately, anyone that works online is vulnerable and needs adequate enterprise network security solutions to stay clear of threats.

Yearly, companies have experienced the loss of essential data resulting from attacks on their cyber networks. This loss has cost these victims several million, drastically affecting their financial strength.

These companies and many others are now concerned about how to survive the constant threats that come with embracing the advancing technology. With a comprehensive protection strategy, you will be able to safeguard your network and avoid external attacks.

Building a “defense-in-depth” ² or layers of protection approach can offer a reliable strategy for network security. This method involves using multiple devices, products, and procedures instead of depending on a single strategy to enforce security.

However, a  thorough understanding of network security management is required for maximum results.

So this will take us to the next phase of this article.

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What Is Network Security Management

Network security management means regulating access to network resources and supervising internal and external access to these resources. To support a network security management plan, policies and procedures are implemented to prevent interruption in running, denial of computer services, and unauthorized access.

It also insists on thorough network monitoring to protect the system from modification or misuse in the database virus attacks.

It is essential to use advanced anti-malware and antivirus software to manage security while constantly updating the system at intervals adequately.

The fundamental element of network security management is the successful identification of all network assets, but this can seem impossible where there is no asset tracking system to quickly identify and monitor when what, who, and where an asset is attaching to your network.

However, with a comprehensive network security management program in place, you will be able to achieve the perfect securing of your network.

Tips For Network Security

There is a constant report of network breaches that affects not just corporate bodies but also politicians, celebrities, and individuals, making everyone vulnerable. So we need to be careful while staying safe and secure.

Here are tips that can help you safeguard your network perfectly.

Update Software Constantly

Ransomware attacks are major attacks for both individuals and businesses, and to alleviate them, you need to keep patching the software, both applications and operating systems. This will help eliminate critical vulnerabilities hackers use to penetrate your devices. Activate automatic system updates for devices, desktop web browsers, and plugins like Java, Flash, etc.

Strong Password Are A Great Tool

Strong passwords are fundamental for online security. This is so because it keeps your data out of reach to hackers. For an effective password formation, consider the following.

Opt for something creative and more user-friendly with a minimum of eight characters and not more than 64 characters instead of the usual complex mixture of numbers, symbols, and uppercase letters

The password can include at least one uppercase letter, lowercase letter, and one number with four symbols,  but avoid using any of these common ones &%#@_.

Create a password that you can remember easily and don’t leave a clue or publicize it.

Reset your password anytime you forget it; however, let the change occur once a year for a general refresh. A password management tool can help you to manage your passwords adequately.

Firewall & Antivirus Protection

A firewall is essential when safeguarding data against mischievous attacks. It helps to screen out viruses, hackers, and other illegal activities over the Internet and monitor what traffic is granted access to enter your device. You also build a firewall for your router to prevent attacks on your network.

Antivirus (AV) protection software has been a prevalent solution for handling malicious attacks. It blocks malware and viruses from penetrating your device and damaging it. 

The Multi-Factor Or Two-Factor Authentication

The multi-factor or two-factor authentication adds extra security layers to the standard password of online identification. With this authentication method, anyone trying to penetrate a network will be expected to enter an additional authentication after entering the username and password. This could be a personal identification code, a fingerprint, etc. 

Maintain A Separate Guest Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)

Where your company manages a wireless local area network (WLAN) for guests, customers, and its visitors, it must be separated from the company’s leading network.

Use Encryption Programs

If encryption technologies are appropriately used, you will succeed in preventing disks, files, or directories from falling into the hands of unauthorized persons.

Double-Check HTTPS On Websites

Sensitive information circulated on websites that are not using HTTPS has no guarantee of security. Hence, they could quickly get into the wrong hands and be used against your business. So, double-check before giving away personal information if it is crucial.

Utilize Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) To Privative Your Connections

VPNs are still very relevant in securing your identity on the Internet. It will make it difficult for your activities online to be tracked. So, even when the government restricts access to some essential platforms, VPNs will give you an edge. However, be careful with links, as they can easily be disguised to steal information from you.

You should also be careful about the VPN providers you choose. Not all VPNs are as safe as they claim, and you might be putting your network and data at risk by getting just any VPN. Visit VPN review sites to compare features and offerings, read reviews from real users, and decide on the best VPN for your needs.

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Securing and managing your network is mandatory, and you can stay clear from threat actors with a well-designed strategic plan. The essence of the security strategy is the same across organizations. It must be done constantly so that there is no disruption in the reputation and profitability of your business.

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