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The login guide is for health conscious users who wish to be healthy and fit. Those users sign up for Experian Health courses where they can access a lot of valuable lessons online every month from OneSource passport login. 

The valued Experian health customers will get access to the high performance learning series when they receive the login details. The HPLS online sessions allow the users to get product optimization once they are confirmed users. Users who get the passport onesource login access can also get the latest, new and updated features and other functionality lessons at no extra cost.

passport onesource login guide

Firstly, to access the website and gain the max from their services you must allow cookies. Without that, certain functionalities might get blocked. It is a safe process. Users just have to enter their login details such as username and the password to gain access to all features of the website. 

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passport onesource login

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Passport, a division of Experian, develops solutions that help hospitals and healthcare organization’s enhance business operations and achieve price certainty for every patient. Over 2,800 U.S. hospitals and over 10,000 different healthcare institutions now accept the passport care  brand of a patient, and price fact responses have been included.

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Onesource passport login forgot password page

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It is not unusual for the members to forget their password on the onesource passport login page or in fact even any other website login page. There is nothing to worry about. All the user will have to do is click on the “forgot password” option and then, they will be redirected to another page. On this page, all they have to do is enter the correct username in the space given. If the username exists in the records, then they will be rerouted to another page where they must enter the last four digits of their social security number to proceed. \

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onesource passport locked account

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If your account has become locked because of entering the wrong password over and over again, then do not worry. This is normal and not at all unusual. In this situation, the forgot password situation might not help. The users who have got their accounts locked will be redirected to this page.

When the user signs up they have to mandatorily add a security question and a security answer just in case they get locked out. So when they are locked out from the onesource passport login page, the procedure is very simple. All they have to do it answer the security question which they have set along with the correct answer in the box. Then, when the answer is correct they will receive an email and will be able to login again to use their Experian health account.

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