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What Is PriceCharting?

A video game pricing database called Price Charting tracks past and present costs for more than 26,000 titles on various platforms. On the website, you may get price comparisons between retailers, price charts for each item showing price changes over time, downloadable game prices with a personalised Game Price Guide service, and a blog with video game news and price analysis. Users can get data they’ve purchased as part of a custom price guide using the PriceCharting API.

Over 45,000 price charting video games, consoles, and accessories are available on the PriceCharting website with both current and historical pricing. From the original Nintendo to the Xbox One, you can view the most recent prices for almost all video games that have been released on a centralised system. They update their rates daily from a variety of online sources, so the seller can be sure that the data is accurate and up-to-date. PriceCharting was established by the two brothers JJ and Michael Hendricks. For a company he owned that sold online video games, JJ was gathering pricing data. The brothers reasoned that other game dealers and collectors would profit from the knowledge. In 2007, PriceCharting was founded, becoming the first publicly accessible price guide for price charting video games.

History & Details

When first released, they were only in loose condition and cost about 8,000 dollars. Since then, PriceCharting has expanded to cover 45,000 video games across all major platforms. They have expanded assistance to include every continent. Prices have been added for Complete in Box, Graded, New, Box Only, and Manual Only. Seven new languages and seven new currencies have been introduced. Numerous new tools have also been released, including the Collection Tracker, eBay Lot Bot, and eBay Deal Scanner.

Because the Hendricks brothers’ crew never stopped keeping a database of games, consoles, and accessories, Price Charting is now known all over the world.

Additionally, they made a concerted effort to provide each item’s pricing list to buyers. Price Charting’s extra feature needs a subscription.

Every day, this price list is updated. It gathers data from numerous websites, giving you access to current and reliable information. Finding the best pricing to buy and sell a game, a console, or an accessory has become essential for you.

Alice POS permits the direct integration of this price list into the point of sale system as a partner of choice with Price Charting. Now, without ever requiring a connection to a different management system, you may view the price evolution of each item directly from the software.

When providing buy-and-trade-in services, this is the most effective method of determining the market price. You can quickly ascertain the base purchase and resale prices when a consumer offers you a trade for price charting video games.

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Features of Price Charting

  1. There are a tonne of video games, and new ones are constantly being introduced.
  2. Multiple store price comparisons
  3. charts for every item displaying the evolution of video games
  4. Every video game’s prior sales, by both condition and genre
  5. Pricing for downloads with a configurable price guide for video games
  6. Create an account to personalise the website.
  7. tracker for video game collections
  8. Quickly value several video games with the lot calculator
  9. Video game lots on eBay are automatically valued by eBay Lot Bot.
  10. Video game listings that end below their value can be found using eBay Deal Scanner.

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