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How To Repair A Bow In Minecraft | Easy Steps To Follow

A lot of gamers who play Minecraft want to know how to repair a bow in Minecraft. A bow is a weapon in Minecraft which is used to kill animals and hunting. There are 2 methods with the help of which you can repair the bow in no time in Minecraft. The 2 methods include Minecraft repair bow using Anvil and other one to repair bow Minecraft is with crafting table.

In this article we have added how many types of bows are there and how you can repair them using 2 different methods. Let’s first see the type of bows in Minecraft.

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Types Of Bows In Minecraft

There are 2 types of bows in Minecraft:

  • Ordinary Bow
  • Enchanted Bow

You can break any of the 2 bows. Don’t worry you can fix both the bows in few easy steps using 2 different methods. Now before moving to how to repair a bow in Minecraft let’s see why does the bow breaks.

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Why The Bow Breaks?

The most annoying thing while playing Minecraft that can happen to you is the breaking of the bow in middle of game and not knowing how to repair bow in Minecraft. The reason why the bow breaks is because each item in the game has some specific hitpoint (HP) and the more you use that item, the more you loose the HP.

When you use the bow in excess, eventually it loses all it’s HP and leads to breaking and leaving you to repair the bow. It is quite easy Minecraft repair bow and you can do it in now time if you follow the steps correctly. Now let’s move to how to repair bow in Minecraft.

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How To Repair A Bow In Minecraft?

We have added 2 different methods to Minecraft repair bow. The 2 methods include:

  • Repairing the bow using Anvil
  • Repairing the bow using crafting table

Method 1: Repairing bow using Anvil

Anvil helps to fix the enchanted equipment’s which include the bow in Minecraft server host as well. To craft the bow using Anvil you need the following items in inventory:

  • 3 Iron blocks
  • 4 Iron Ingots

Now let’s see how to craft Anvil in Minecraft:

  • Open Anvil using the inventory
  • In the first space of Anvil put Bow
  • Put the repairing materials in the next slot of Anvil
  • Wait for a while, bow will be repaired

These were the simple steps to repair the bow. Now let’s move to the other method.

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Method 2: Repairing bow using Crafting Table

The crafting table method is more efficient than the Anvil one. Let’s see how you can create a crafting table in Minecraft. Follow the simple steps below:

  • Press E to open inventory screen
  • Place the 2*2 wood blocks in crafting table
  • Save it

Follow the steps below to repair the bow:

  • Open the Crafting table
  • Side by side place 2 bows in table
  • New strengthen bow will be created

Note: Crafting method is only used when you don’t have enough items in Anvil to create a new bow. Crafting method replaces the old items into new ones only.


This was the complete article on how to repair a bow in Minecraft. You can use the 2 easy methods to fix the bow in no time in Minecraft. If you have any questions related to this topic, you can mention it in the comments. We will surely help you to fix it.

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