Resetting Clash Of Clans | How To Restart Clash Of Clans On Both Android & iPhone

Supercell’s Clash of Clans is one of the most famous games on the market, and it has remained so for years. Each move you take in this mobile strategy game counts. But what if you make a mistake? Fear not, here is a simple guide on how to resetting clash of clans.

Determine the make of your mobile. Clash of Clans is a cross-platform game that functions differently depending on the device installed on your phone. This guide will teach you about how to restart on clash of clans.

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How to restart clash of clans on iPhone?

The way to figure out how to restart clash of clans on iPhone is a little tough. When it comes to Apple devices, resetting the game necessitates a factory reset. Since a factory reset erases all of the data stored on your phone, you must make a backup or risk losing all of your current files and records. If you do not already have a backup of your phone’s files, make one now.

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  1. Go to settings and click on General.
  2. Click on Factory Reset to reset your phone to the default settings.
  3. Set up your device again.
  4. Create a new game centre account. This is important as your older village is stored in the other game centre account. 
  5. Download Clash of Clans from the App store.
  6. Clash of clans will prompt you to restore your older village, click no/cancel.
  7. You can play the game again from the beginning.

Thus, if you were wondering on how to restart clash of clans on iPhone, now you have the answer.

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Resetting clash of clans on Android

If you are thinking Resetting clash of clans on an Android phone, then do not worry as it is a very easy process. Delete the Clash of Clans programme you are already using. Long-press the icon, then select the delete option, then confirm your selection. It is over! Your phone’s application has been removed.

Reinstall the app from the Google Play/App Store; You are probably wondering why you deleted it in the first place, but if you want to start a new game, this move is needed. Open the Clash of Clans app for the first time. This is the most crucial move in the process of restarting your Clash of Clans game. Select “Cancel” when asked if you want to restart with your old village. If you do not obey these instructions, you will be returned to your old village and will have to begin the process all over again.

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So these are the few options on how to restart on clash of clans. Hopefully, this guide aided you in the process, and you can now begin playing your new Clash of Clans game without difficulty by resetting clash of clans.

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