TabTrader — A Decent Application for Crypto Trading in 2022

TabTrader — A Decent Application for Crypto Trading in 2022

Over the past few years, the number of cryptocurrency trading applications has grown significantly. Since the cryptocurrency market is constantly evolving, apps have to be updated regularly, and those trading platforms that don’t keep up with market trends and don’t give users fresh functionality are replaced by new, more advanced products.

One of the high-quality options is the TabTrader application. The app allows clients to apply their indicators and tools while trading on one of the supported exchanges.

What Is TabTrader: Detailed Description

Currently, TabTrader is a well-known modern application that almost every trader can use — it supports most of the well-known cryptocurrency exchanges and, accordingly, cryptocurrency trading pairs.

All the functionality is presented in a mobile application that allows trading on several exchanges and controlling all portfolios through a single dashboard. In the TabTrader app, users can also place orders, respond to them and track specific coins. The application tracks the charts of exchanges so that clients stop wasting time on it. All the necessary information comes in the form of push notifications. TabTrader doesn’t have access to a person’s wallets. It uses API keys to manage user accounts on exchanges.

The application is incredibly simple even for beginners — it reacts quickly and takes up only 9 MB of hard disk space. The interface is available in several languages: English, Indonesian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.

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What Features Does the App Offer?

So, clients of the TabTrader application can perform the following actions directly from their devices:

  • real-time tracking of the exchange rate of crypto;
  • analysis of price charts, using the most effective indicators, lines, time ranges, and so on;
  • conclusion of transactions for the purchase and sale of crypto, as well as conducting different trading operations that are available on the used exchanges.

Immediately after downloading, installing, and launching the TabTrader application, the client can use it even without entering API keys from the exchanges used. However, in this case, the opportunity to trade disappears, but the user will be able to analyze prices and charts.

In order to be able to trade, you need to select the exchange you use in the application and enter the generated API key. After that, your exchange account will be connected to the TabTrader, and you’ll already be able to conduct trading operations, having previously added the cryptocurrency pairs of interest to the screen.

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Overview of the App’s Advantages

The program has a large client base, and this is justified by the following advantages:

  • it supports 500 currencies and 36 exchanges;
  • accessible interface with large graphs;
  • notifications about price changes;
  • two-factor authentication.

The TabTrader application is special software that allows its clients to trade cryptocurrencies on various exchanges just by using a mobile phone. It’s distributed absolutely free of charge, and everybody can download it for both Android and iOS. All clients of this platform note the constant comfort in use and security: in addition to two-factor authentication, users can enable additional protection in the form of a PIN code, which guarantees the safety of all purchased funds!

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