The Long-awaited Lnazuma Area Of Genshin Impact Will Be Released On July 21

The moment all of the Genshin Impact fans have been looking for since the game’s release has arrived. On July 21, Inazuma, a long-rumored and eagerly awaited in-game region inspired by the Japan, is going to be released. Also, it comes with such a huge upgrade that the Chinese developer named Mihoyo has decided to bump the game’s version number from 1.6 to the version 2.0.

The most significant update to Genshin Impact yet is the addition of a region inspired by Japan.

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Inazuma’s feature

The upcoming update will feature Inazuma, an entirely new territory comparable in size of the game’s previous two main locations, Mondstadt and the Liyue. Inazuma is a game which is anime-influenced game’s first foray into a territory explicitly inspired by Japanese customs, while the former has a Breath of Wild meets high fantasy atmosphere and the latter further pays tribute to numerous facets of the Chinese culture.

The trailer makes no attempt to hide this fact, with buildings and the archetypes (ninjas, hogun, samurai) that scream Japan as loudly as is it possible, and a slew of the cherry blossoms. Everything in here looks stunning in the Genshin Impact’s rich graphical style, and to the point that fans are going insane right now.  The soundtrack for the region which is new was created in conjunction with Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra to give it a more genuine feel.

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With a new location comes a slew of new activities, including a “colossal” amount of the new Archon missions and the side quests. There are also going to be three new characters which will be playable: Ayaka, a katana-wielding ice ninja, Yoimiya, a bow-wielding fire ninja (hopefully better than Amber, the game’s notoriously bad fire/bow character), and Sayu, which is a wind ninja.

Furthermore, Genshin Impact will have cross-progression across the PS5, PS4, PC, Android, and iOS versions of the game. There’s also gardening! You’ll be able to harvest and plant seeds in the fields of the realm from your Serenitea Pot, which is the game’s player housing system, after version 2.0 is released.

In less than two weeks, the update will come, along with new events and a slew of systemic adjustments. I suppose this means I should get back to performing my daily quests, huh?

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