14 *Torrentz2* Working Proxy List | 8 Torrentz2 Alternatives

Torrenting is a mechanism in which the DNS (Domain Name System) and search engines unlock all kinds of things, including blocked websites and proprietary and copyrighted files. It is extremely difficult to gain access to all copyrighted content like movies, games, songs and software’s without first obtaining permission from the original publishing company. This leads to finding torrents sites and their proxy such as torrentz2 proxy.

Piracy is regarded as a crime. A virtual private network (VPN) is used in a variety of countries to hide the original user’s IP address from everyone and thus it does its bit to keep you protected from being caught and fined.

Furthermore, if different authorities discover DNS or some search engine, they are forced to shut down. Torrenting is without a doubt illegal because it is unregulated, and it provides a loophole for numerous torrenting DNS and search engines to replace it.

Downloading data from torrents, on the other hand, is not illegal. Torrents can be used to download content as long as it is not copyrighted. It is possible that distributing and torrenting copyrighted content is illegal.

What is Torrentz2 proxy?

The Torrentz2 proxy was an extremely popular alternative of torrent.eu. Citing the same legal issues, Torrent.eu was closed down. Naturally, the Torrentz2 eu proxy became popular as it was the next big thing. It was a great torrent to download the latest movies, games, softwares etc. This overall made torrenting extremely simple as the users did not have to visit many websites since everything was available on torrentz2 proxy. It helped users to find everything they needed.

Why did Torrentz2 proxy get banned?

It became way too popular for its own good. Naturally, the law enforcement agencies found out about it immediately and pushed to ban it, since it is illegal to publish copyrighted material without permission. The torrentz2 eu proxy worked in a smart way, that it did not have its own database so they were able to escape legal persecution.

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Ways to unblock Torrentz2

If you are looking for ways to unblock Torrentz2 eu, then there are a few ways to go about it. The most popular, hassle free way of performing a Torrentz2 unblock is by downloading a VPN. It will allow you to perform Torrentz2 unblock by hiding your IP address from the world, making it untraceable. All personal information, such as real-world addresses and names, is hidden behind a VPN as they replace the current IP address with a new one. Thus, keeping you safe from prying eyes. 

Torrents2 Working Proxy List

1https://sitenable.ch/torrentz2-proxy/Working ✅
2https://freeproxy.io/torrentz2-proxy/Working ✅
3https://sitenable.co/torrentz2-proxy/Working ✅
4https://freeanimesonline.com/torrentz2-proxy/Working ✅
5https://sitenable.pw/torrentz2-proxy/Working ✅
6https://siteget.net/torrentz2-proxy/Working ✅
7https://torrentz2is.me/ Working ✅
8https://sitenable.top/torrentz2-proxy/Working ✅
9https://sitenable.info/torrentz2-proxy/Working ✅
10https://torrentzeu.org/ Working ✅
11https://torrentz2eu.org/Working ✅
12https://torrentz2.eu/ Not Working
13https://filesdownloader.com/torrentz2-proxy/Working ✅
14https://torrentsmirror.com/Working ✅

Do note, while these are currently good alternatives to Torrentz2, they are also susceptible to a ban. We constantly change these with new working ones.

Alternatives to Torrentz2 Proxy

In the event that it becomes impossible to perform a Torrentz2 unblock, there are various alternatives to Torrentz2 that can still be used to download whatever the user needs. They are:

1. Thepiratebay

Proxy: PirateBay Proxy List

Piratebay is one of the top websites if one cannot unblock Torrentz2 eu. It maintains its dominance in the industry by facilitating the download of a vast amount of videos, songs, apps, and television shows from its library Pirate Bay is a Seychelles-based charitable organisation. A Swedish anti-copyright activist created it in 2003. As a result, they ensure that there are no copyright violations. Thus, it is a great alternative to performing a Torrentz2 unblock.

2. 1337X

Proxy: 1337X Proxy List

This is also a great website if one cannot unblock Torrentz2 eu. It is one of the most popular torrent websites to currently exist. They keep changing their domain names as Google blocks them every time they resurface. Some of the elite content uploaders of the world post their data here, so it is safe website for all users. Downloads are only limited to games, music and television series, but it is still a great alternative instead of performing a Torrentz2 unblock.

3. Torlock

Website: Torlock proxy

Torlock is among the top alternatives for one to perform a Torrentz2 unblock. This is an ever expanding website with over 5 million torrents to choose and download from making it one of the top alternatives. They are known for providing movies, television shows etc., in HD quality.

4. Dirtytorrents

Website: https://dirtytorrents.com/

This torrent website is good if one cannot unblock torrentz2, however, one should note that it is not meant for users under 18. As it contains NSFW content, it is solely meant for 18+ adults. It is otherwise an amazing torrent website where users can download games, movies, television series, software applications, etc. 

5. torrentdownloads.me

Website: Torrentdownloads Proxy

TorrentDownloads is another well-known torrent platform thanks to their  well-organized library. If you cannot find what you are looking for on other pages, this is actually your best bet. Because of its high-profile reputation, it has drawn the attention of officials in a number of countries and has been banned in others. However though, it is possible to access this website via VPN.

6. Eztv

Website: https://eztv.re/

Consumers have always viewed EZTV as a straightforward torrent website. It has a vibrant community where users can report issues with broken ties. EZTV has lost some of its credibility over the years due to protection and privacy concerns. As a result, EZTV recommends that users use a VPN before using its services to make them feel more safe. It is a great alternative to use, rather than trying to unblock Torrentz2 especially if you are short on time.

7. Limetorrents

Proxy: LimeTorrents Proxy List

LimeTorrents.cc is an excellent website with a clear, clean, and user-friendly interface. With lightning-fast downloads and a large number of seeders, users can easily enjoy new launches. Unfortunately, older torrents can be ignored by the platform, leaving them unattended and in poor condition. Thus, if you are unable to unblock Torrentz2, then this site can be used as a substitute.

8. Zooqle

Website: http://www.zoogle.in/

Zooqle has one of the most user-friendly interfaces of any torrent website. The website offers a huge selection of over 36,000 movies and 600 TV shows to choose from. It has a large number of loyal users who seem to be increasing at a steady pace over time. Thus, it is an exciting alternative to trying to unblock Torrentz2.

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