Websites Like Meetup | 15 Best Meetup Streaming Alternatives

Websites Like Meetup | 15 Best Meetup Streaming Alternatives

If you are an event host who organizes events throughout the year. Everyone has probably used at least once. You used it because it was excellent enough to get your meetup group some traction and it offers an email feature that you can use to communicate with your meetup group members before looking for websites like meetup.

However, meetup just raised its monthly subscription charge. That occurred as a result of WeWork’s acquisition of Meetup, and they are now attempting to reclaim their funds. You are seeking for a free alternative to meetup since you do not want to pay these exorbitant costs. So, here is a list of 15 Alternatives.

1. Bylde


A free alternative to meetup, Bylde allows you to email group members, start discussions with them and even host meetings virtually. It is mainly for Apple and android phones. Everyone who joins Bylde is a result of their social profiles being authorized. So, in general, you will only see real people, no bots or shady profiles.

2. Eventbrite


Eventbrite is a social networking website where, as a host, you can create and host events. It is a very popular alternative to Meetup. After that, they can promote it on social media. Users can also register for events by searching for events near them, by type, or within their budget using Eventbrite’s search engine.

3. Groupspaces


Groupspaces is among the best websites like Meetup which functions as a group-coordination and event-planning website. You may form an organisation, distribute online membership forms, and collect dues from members. You can effortlessly listings for emails, manage subscriptions and preserve all of your meetings on the web. Creating events and synchronising them with your calendar and Facebook events is simple with Groupspaces.

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4. Opensports


Opensports is other sites like meetup, but specifically for sports. It is available for web browsers but also iOS and Android mobile devices. It’s used to organise and sign up for pickup and drop-in sports activities. Organizers create groups(public or private), plan events, and send invitations to the members of their groups. As a result, it becomes a viable option.



A free alternative to meetup, MEETin is a website that was founded with the goal of bringing people from all over the world together for enjoyable, free activities utilizing the Internet.

MEETin is totally administered by volunteers, thus there are no membership fees to pay; the only charges involved with utilizing it are minor fees that vary depending on the type of meeting you are attending. Thus, it is a great sites similar to meetup.

6. Foursquare


Among other sites like meetup, is foursquare which is a website that helps you find the greatest restaurants, shops, and attractions in any city. Furthermore, the knowledge is provided by people who have really experienced it. Choose what you like once you have read the reviews. After reading about their experiences, you can also check what is there to do in an area. 

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7. Citysocializer


Citysocializer is an app for both Android and iOS. It is a social networking application which sends you notifications about interesting events in your area. It, like sites similar to meetup, emphasizes face-to-face encounters over internet relationships.

8. Facebook


Facebook is a very popular alternative to Here it is very easy to create a group for free. You have the option of making it public or private (via invite only). They have changed their events to allow you to decide whether or not your friends are ‘interested’ in attending. This indicates that your friends have received notifications but have not yet committed to responding positively. Thus, Facebook is a free alternative to meetup. 

9. Ning


Ning is a great free alternative to meetup with over 2m members. Here, you can create all types of social events, upload and send email broadcasts, etc. 

10. Smacktive


Smacktive is a free alternative to meetup which is exclusively for those looking to connect with people near them who share common interests. They encourage events and timely gatherings, apart from connecting users virtually to chat and play games, thus, making it a great websites like meetup. 

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11. Downtomeet


Users who want to find events and individuals in their local area can utilize this site. So, if you are looking to meet new people or learn about local activities in your area, Down to Meet is a must-try, making it a popular websites like meetup. 

12. Heysummit


Heysummit is an excellent other sites like meetup if you wish to create an online event without any skills. Entrepreneurs, digital marketers, and companies will love Heysummit. East can use Heysummit’s virtual summit platform, which includes a variety of organizing and marketing capabilities. Users can also schedule live and pre-recorded virtual events.

13. CrowdCast


An other sites like meetup is CrowdCast. If you are seeking for a platform to broadcast live video for conducting conferences, concerts, classes, and other events, Crowdcast is an amazing option.

14. Aventri


An wonderful platform for creating, planning, and managing events. A user-friendly, scalable platform with a plethora of intriguing features. Aventri allows for budget allocation, event planning, event registration, email marketing campaign management, and much more. Hence, Aventri is a great alternatives.

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15. Eventmobi


Eventmobi is a site similar to meetup. It offers comprehensive solutions that allow customers to manage every part of an event, conference, or meeting. Eventmobi provides a number of configurable options, ranging from surveys to participant management. Multi-event management on a single platform with easy access to current, prior, and future events.

Final Words

Given above are some of the top rated alternatives. These can be used to create events both virtually and offline and interact with each other. Whether free or paid, all of these apps are among the top rated websites like meetup which is definitely beneficial for all its users. 

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