What are RGB Wall Washers and RGBW Wall Washers?

Are you confused between RGB wall washers and RGBW wall washers? Then you should consider reading this blog to the end.

Wall washers have become a popular product in the past few years. It not only illuminates your walls but also gives them a beautiful look. The main reason for its popularity is that it is used by many celebrities and is an overall attractive product.

The best part about the new wall washers is that they come in different forms like there is a stripped wall washer that you can use anywhere you want. You can use it in your bathroom, living room, or anywhere you want.

Recently we have seen many new variations of wall washers. We have seen the LED wall washers and now the RGB wall washers and RGBW wall washers. If you are somebody who is planning to buy a wall washer and is co-fused between all of these categories then you are on the right web page.

In this blog, we will briefly discuss RGB and RGBW wall washers. So keep reading.

What is a Wall Washer?

For those who don’t know, a wall washer is a line or series of small lights that are used to illuminate a wall. You can put these lights on your walls. Wall washers are very trendy nowadays and people all around the world are using them.

It can be used to beautify a wall. When it is used correctly, it helps your wall look clear. It can also hide any bad spot or shadow. You can use it in your bathroom or anywhere you wish. If you are thinking of buying a wall washer then you can check here the best options available.

What is RGB Wall Washers?

As the name says “RGB”, in this type of wall washer you can see RGB lights. It has mainly 3 colors, Red, Green, and Blue. Different colors are produced with the help of this RGB combination. These are small LED RGB lights. They look beautiful and can be used in many ways. Many new restaurants, Banquette halls, and other places are using these RGB wall washers to illuminate the wall beautifully. 

The normal wall washer is a single color, mostly white. But in this RGB wall washer, you can see better options. People prefer RGB wall washers over normal LED wall washers. The RGB model creates a lot more sense because it creates a beautiful array of light in various colors. 

What is RGBW Wall Washers?

The RGBW color model is another unique color model. It just has a little different than the RGB model. The RGBW model has 4 colors, unlike RGB. Red, Green, Blue, and White are the output colors of RGBW wall washers. This model has white color and that is what makes it different.

You might think that what difference can a white color make? But it looks good. New colors are also formed with the addition of white color. The white color looks attractive. 

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RGB Wall Washers Vs RGBW Wall Washers 

If you want to buy a wall washer and you are confused between an RGB wall washer and an RGBW wall washer then let us clear your confusion.

Now we will discuss a few points that will help you to identify which one is better:


Both RGB and RGBW have almost the same color output. But because RGBW has one addition of color, it makes a lot of difference in the overall result. RGBW looks better and more appealing than RGB. So if you want appealing colors you can go for RGBW.


When it comes to lighting, brightness matters a lot. Nobody likes dimmer lights. So the brighter the lights, the better it is for the people. If we compare the brightness of RGB and RGBW wall washers, it is obvious that RGBW wins. It is because the white color adds more brightness to the RGBW color model.

Power Consumption 

Another aspect of lighting that people care about is power consumption. It is always better to have lights with less power consumption. Between RGB and RGBW, the RGBW consumes less power because of the white color. The RGB lights consume more power.

So if we compare all the aspects we can see that the RGBW wall washer is better than the RGB wall washer. So if you are thinking of getting a wall washer, go for an RGBW wall washer.


Wall washers are a good choice to illuminate your walls and beautify them. In this blog, we have discussed two types of wall washers, the RGB wall washer, and the RGBW wall washer. We have also compared them and it is obvious that RGBW is better than RGB. You can read all of it above.

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