What Is RCP Components On Android | Detailed Guide

Are you a person who is wondering what is RCP components on android? RCP components on android can be found in the application manager on any Android device. RCP component is a programming tool which helps in integration of software components which are independent a lot easier.

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Who Uses RCP Components?

It is kind of a UI framework which is modular. The data processing happing in it is mostly from the clients side. The people who are not developers won’t have to bother about RCP components as it is mainly for developers.

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What Is RCP Components?

RCP components

It is a mixed collection of all the lower level frameworks on an Android device. RCP is a software which does contain the all the following components:

  • Update Manager
  • A Core
  • Data binding
  • A Standard building framework
  • A Workbench
  • A Portable widget toolkit
  • Text editors
  • Text handling
  • File buffers

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All the develops can build apps RCP components Apps in it who are looking for to create RCP components Apps. The features provided in RCP components are tested and proven and they don’t require building of RCP components Apps from zero. Overall, it helps in much faster development of Apps as well as integration. A lot of independent software tools such as mapping technologies, graphics tools as well as spreadsheet does integrate very easily with the software.

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I hope we were able to answer what is RCP components on android. If you still have any questions related to what is RCP components on android then you can mention them in the comments.

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