What Is Waasmedicagent Exe? [5 Easy Fix]

For users who are not aware of what the waasmedic agent exe file is, let me tell you that it is a Microsoft 10 Windows service. This  waasmedic agent exe file helps in providing repairs to Windows update components so that the device can continue receiving timely updates.

Now, the most frequent problem faced by the majority of the Windows 10 users is that the
waasmedic agent exe process consumes a lot of disk space. This slows down the device from operating at top speed. In this article, we shall give you pointers on how to fix this issue.

The algorithms of Windows 10 dictate that updates must not be turned off. If it is then the waasmedic agent process interrupts and resumes it again. What is waasmedicagent exe, a virus? No, but let us look at ways to fix the issue.

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To fix the waasmedic agent issue you must:

1. Start System File Checker

This step can help you fix any of the corrupted files in the system. It can identify what is waasmedicagent exe role in slowing down the system. 

2. To fix Windows Update components, use DISM

Along with SFC, DISM is a crucial Windows function that can assist you in resolving difficulties. Whatever the problem is with your system’s original files, using DISM to repair damaged Windows Update system files can assist. Because waasmedic agent is responsible for Windows Updates, DISM has a good possibility of resolving it.

3. For a few days, turn off Windows Updates

Waasmedic agent is responsible for smooth and uninterrupted updates of Windows and its components. As you are experiencing high CPU usage of the waasmedic agent, it is better to pause the updates for Windows for a few days. This way you can fix the issues.

4. Temporarily disable WaasMedic.exe

Before you begin, make a backup of your registry settings. While we do not advocate disabling this vital system Service, if none of the other solutions worked for you, you should temporarily disable waasmedic process. It will terminate the processes associated with it and improve the performance of your computer.

What is the waasmedicagent exe disable procedure?

  • Disabling via Windows Services Manager will result in an error.
  • By going to the registry editor in this place: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WaaSMedicSvc you will be able to disable it.

5. Restart your computer

The steps above will help in fixing the issue. Once these steps are performed, you must remember to shut down the PC and restart it like you normally would. This would help set the changes permanently and you should notice the PC being fast again.

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Final Words

I hope it’s clear now what is waasmedicagent exe. Waasmedicagent exe is not a virus, it is an important windows update process but sometimes it causes more harm than good. Disabling it might help you increase the speed of the PC again. 

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