Who Are Naruto’s Parents? Details About Naruto’s Mother And Father

Many of you must have watched the popular Naruto Anime Series. It is one of the most popular anime series of all time and it resonates with almost everyone who has watched it. A lot of Naruto fans are wondering who are Naruto’s parents? Before going to that, let’s see what Naruto is all about.

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What is Naruto all about?

Naruto tells the story of a young ninja called Naruto Uzumaki, who aspires to be the Hokage, the village’s chief, and seeks acceptance from his peers. The story is divided into two sections, the first of which takes place during Naruto’s pre-adolescent years and the second during his adolescent years.

The Nine-Tails, a powerful fox, attacks Konoha, a secret leaf village in the Land of Fire, one of the Ninja World’s Five Great Shinobi Countries. As a result, Konoha’s chief and Fourth Hokage seals the fox inside the body of his new-born son. It made him turn into a beast’s host. Mizuki, a renegade ninja, reveals the truth about naruto father and mother to Naruto after 12 years, gaining the admiration of his instructor Iruka Umino. Soon after, he forms Team 7 with other ninjas, led by an accomplished sensei, the elite ninja Kakashi Hatake.

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After two and a half years, the Akatsuki begins kidnapping the strong Tailed Beasts’ hosts. The five ninja village leaders refuse to aid him and band together to challenge Tobi and his allies. The united armies of the Five Great Countries and Akatsuki’s forces of zombie-like ninjas battle in the Fourth Shinobi World War. After the battle, Kakashi ascends to the role of Sixth Hokage, pardoning Sasuke for his crimes. Kakashi resigns, and Naruto marries Hinata, giving birth to a new generation of ninjas.

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Who are Naruto’s Parents?

Naruto’s Father: Minato Namikaze (The 4th Hokage)

Naruto's father

Naruto’s Mother: Kushina Uzumaki

Naruto's mother

It is right of you to wonder who are Naruto’s Parents because they were never shown in the anime. Naruto father and mother were legends. Naruto father and mother were Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzamaki respectively. Now that you know who are Naruto’s parents, you must wonder where they were during the series. Well, Naruto mom and dad died when he was born. During her pregnancy, Obito Uchicha, Minato’s disciple, attempts to extract Kyubi and kill Hidden Leaf Village because it was the best time for the jinchuriki’s seal to weaken. However, Minato was so strong that she didn’t die even after the tailed beats Kyubi was extracted. Minato successfully rescued Naruto and Kushina from his grasp.

However, in an attempt to seal the Kyubi using the reaper death seal, which is a forbidden jutsu, Minato took the chance, and after an attempt to save Naruto, both were badly injured, Kushina was already weakened by the extraction of tailed beasts. Also, both were tragically sacrificed. 

Naruto's parents

Now you know who are Naruto’s parents. Naruto father and mother were both heroes who raised a hero themselves. Naruto mom and dad are legends for the entire anime community.

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This was the complete article on Narutos mom and dad. If you have any questions related to Narutos mom and dad, you can mention it in the comments. I hope you liked this article and stay tuned for more.

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