Why You Should Learn AWS?


According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), we are in a golden age of Cloud Computing. In fact, even though doubters have been bemoaning the supposed end to cloud computing for years, the IDC has revealed that from the period of 2017 to 2022, the annual spending and growth of public cloud infrastructure and public cloud computing services are projected to reach a 22.5% growth. Cloud Computing continues to be an increasingly important element in world trade and business, and the technology associated with it will only increase in demand and value.

When it comes to AWS, AWS, as compared to Microsoft and Google, has shown to be the world’s largest cloud infrastructure service by a wide margin, and continues to grow as such. AWS’ sheer size in its share of the market means that even with lower growth rates than competitors Microsoft and Google, they will still dwarf in comparison to AWS, meaning that Amazon Web Services will be the dominating platform for the foreseeable future. There’s also no reason to predict that AWS will be replaced, with massive customers like Lyft, Apple, and Pinterest running their full services on the backs of AWS. 

With all of that in mind, you’re probably already sold on the fact of becoming a solutions architect in the field of AWS. Now, what does that job entail, why that job is even valuable in the future, and how does AWS even run that gives it such a domineering hold over the market? In this article, we will discuss said questions about the aws course in depth.

AWS: What Services do they Offer?

If this is the first time you’re hearing about Amazon Web Services, you might be surprised at how prominently it’s mentioned. Maybe you already have an idea of how big Amazon is from their e-commerce shopfront that dominates online shopping worldwide. Well, Amazon is also a massive player in the field of Cloud Computing.

To understand AWS, first, you must understand that AWS has dozens of data centers all across the world located in Availability Zones (AZ). These AZs connect over certain significant political and geographical regions, and pool together physical data centers through low-latency links to create resources that can be surprisingly fail-proof.

In the portfolio of AWS services, there is a full list of solutions. Here are some notable examples of their Storage, Compute and Networking.

  • Storage: AWS Storage Gateway, Amazon Elastic File System, Amazon Simple Storage Service.
  • Compute: AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS Elastic Container Service, AWS Lambda, and Lightsaid.
  • Networking: AWS Direct Connect, API Gateway, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud,

Amazon also includes Mobile Development, Messages, Migration, Database, Governance, Development Tools, AI, Big Data Management, and Other Services.

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Why Learn AWS?

Now that you’ve seen the wide-ranging application of AWS at basically any point in the world, not just in the tech industry, you must realize that that’s a benefit in and of itself. Being an AWS certified engineer is a whole requirement in itself and whether it is to enhance your current job or to re-skill into a new one, AWS certification may or may not be necessary.

We of course recommend going for certification as it leads you to have a wider-ranging path for employment and for starting your own projects. Think about it this way: If you know all your stuff but still have to get certified down the line for a job, then you’ll be going through the same certification route anyway, so why not just learn and get the certification at one go?

Furthermore, if you’re in a managerial role, you’ll realize that your AWS certification will help you more effectively manage people who work under AWS or with AWS tools, and knowing that with a certification, you will have covered all your bases brings a certain level of confidence that simply self-study won’t offer.

Benefits of Learning AWS

Firstly, AWS is an amazing tool for small to large organizations to move to the cloud. Public Cloud Services worldwide, across service providers, are looking to shoot up and thus, this means that organizations will be flocking to AWS. 

This means organizations either are in the midst of moving to cloud solutions for their storage and data or have plans that involve cloud migration in the next year or so. This means that AWS will have a direct and immediate impact on your employability as more employers will be looking for people to solve problems in their plans to migrate. A lot of money is involved, so they will need custom services designed to suit their organization’s goals and needs.

Next, realize that for any IT Professional, knowing Cloud Computing means knowing the key platforms in which big AI and Machine Learning projects are hosted and performed. It may be a little late for most professionals to completely reskill to the specific skill set of AI and machine learning, but knowing how to use AWS to store sample set data and run Machine Learning/AI algorithms for your company would mean that you are very hireable.

Cloud Computing allows companies to have increased access to the convenience and forward-thinking power of both AI and Machine Learning solutions, and this will cycle into this propelling for great Cloud Computing adoption. Cloud Computing, as you should know by now, equals AWS.

Lastly, AWS has so many free-tier options, allowing professionals to access many of their services and explore around in their free time. Although many of these come with usage limits, it gives professionals enough legroom to feel it out before formally requesting a full-out AWS solution license. A lot of AWS solutions are also pay-as-you-use, meaning that having an AWS certification will make your services suitable for both large organizations and small enterprises. AWS’s greatest strength is its seamless scalability, and you should know that you will be just as viable and versatile.

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AWS has already taken over everything. It’s impossible to go to any part of the corporate world, or simply the world around us without encountering at least a few services run by AWS. An AWS certification, whatever your current or desired role, will give you the tools to see the world and understand the major cloud computing forces driving them.

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