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YouTube Stops Playing When I Switch Tabs In Chrome [Solved]

YouTube is the most popular website when it comes to streaming content online. Most of us use chrome browser and quite a few users are facing an issue of YouTube stops playing when I switch tabs in chrome error. This issue is making the user experience very poor and users are looking for a fix for YouTube freezes when switching tabs. This issue is another kind of issue users faced like YouTube audio getting out of sync.

There are a lot of users who play music or any kind of audio in YouTube is background and work in another window or do any other stuff. This issue of YouTube stops playing when I switch tabs is causing a lot of trouble for users. But, you don’t have to worry as we found an easy fix to this YouTube freezes when switching tabs issue.

In this article, we have added how you can fix YouTube stops playing when I switch tabs. You just have to follow simple steps to fix this issue in no time.

Fix YouTube Stops Playing When I Switch Tabs In Google Chrome

Follow the simple steps below to fix YouTube freezes when switching tabs:

Method 1

  • Go to Chrome > Click on 3 dots at top right corner
  • Select Settings > Advanced
  • Uncheck “Use hardware acceleration when available
youtube freezes when i switch tabs
  • The error will be solved

If this method doesn’t work for you, move to the next one.

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Method 2

  • Go to Google Chrome & type this address: chrome://flags
  • Find option “pause-background-tabs
  • Disable this option, error will be solved

One of these methods will surely work for you. The error YouTube freezes when switching tabs will be solved. Manu users also prefer to download video and watch the videos later from YouTube. You can also download videos and watch later if you want if you want to save data.

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These were the simple methods above to solve the YouTube videos freezing when switching tabs issue you are facing. You can use any one of these methods above to solve the issue. These methods are tried and tested and have worked for all the users who faced similar issue. I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions related to this topic, mention them in the comments.

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